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Book: Quran in English - Modern English Translation. Clear and Easy to Understand. by Talal Itani
Author Talal Itani

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Quran in English - Modern English Translation. Clear and Easy to Understand. by Talal Itani might also like our reading suggestions below

Why Do Muslims Reject the Word of Allah? by Robert P. Cook
This book is an in depth and unbiased study of Islam, the Quran and Islamic Doctrinal beliefs as compared to the Old and New Testaments. The subjects of the Five Pillars of Islam, Jihad, Paradise, the Life and Events in the Prophet Muhammed's life, why most Muslims are taught to refuse to read and study the Old and New Testaments and so much more. Muslims are taught that the Old and New Testaments have been corrupted and [...]
The Ultimate Revelations by Jamshed Akhtar
Concurrent with a freak solar activity, a young scientist begins seeing strange and puzzling dreams of momentous events from the past. He sees an occurrence in the formation of solar system, a day in the Cretaceous period, Prophet Noah's boat being constructed, Buddha giving a sermon to a large multitude, Moses climbing the mountain to keep tryst with the mysterious fire, and child Mary's guardianship being decided in the [...]
Illogical Atheism - A Comprehensive Response to the Contemporary Freethinker from a Lapsed Agnostic by Bō Jinn
Typically, it is the "religious" that are expected to render apologies for their beliefs. However, since the inauguration of the 'New Atheist Movement' more than ten years ago, modern atheism has transitioned from the mere rejection of mainstream religion to the proliferation of a (not entirely new) breed of fundamentalism. The 'Illogical Atheism' series comprises a comprehensive four-part analysis of the new atheist [...]
Sex, Drugs & Islam - Autobiography of an X Fighter Pilot by Dari Ghaznavi
Sex, Drugs & Islam "April Fools Day 2006 was an awesome day until around mid-night. Then an event occurred that shattered my life forever. The higher you go, the harder you fall. Life was simply too good; it was unreal, a fairytale life like Princess Diana. Something had to give. The Princess is dead and this Prince was about to be shot" Laced with cynicism, profanities and humor, this hardcore, raw narrative starts in [...]
The Book of Life - The Theory of Everything by Paul A. Zecos
THE BOOK OF LIFE is not intended for those that like the current direction of humanity. THE BOOK OF LIFE explains the intent and meanings of the seven Spirits of God, explains the Spirit of each of the seven great religions of the world, reveals the Seven Universal Principles and advocates the way for the establishment of God's Kingdom on earth. The Book of Life also proposes, explains simply and proves through a new equation [...]
Living Love, The Yoga of Yama & Niyama - Timeless Teachings for Transformation and Awakening by Maetreyii Ma Nolan, Ph.D.
"Kind, wise, and reflective of timeless truths, this yoga manual merits careful reading and rereading." - Kirkus Reviews "This is a great one of those special books that will stay with you,occasionally nudging your mind and behavior in certain ways, and bringing you inevitably closer to lightness and joy." - Self-Publishing Review Living Love is a practical guide to living a deep andfulfilling life that will move [...]
Philosophy of Religion Basics - A Jargon-Free Guide for Beginners by Doug Erlandson
Philosophy of Religion Made Simple Clear Thinking About Complex Issues In Philosophy of Religion Basics: A Jargon-Free Guide for Beginners, Dr. Doug Erlandson provides an easy-to-understand introduction to the philosophy of religion. Its simple and non-technical style covers the major topics of philosophy of religion in a way that even a person with no familiarity with philosophy will understand. This book is the result of [...]
Religion in World Affairs - America and the World Crises by Timothy P. Ngwana
As humanity faces frustrating crises, disasters and religious conflicts, it is high time we sort out the root cause of these troubles. This is what I have done. In 2007, I published this book. Some predictions I made then is now manifesting and many more will soon manifest. Examples are the collapse of the financial system, collapse and rising of some nations and governments, the instability of the Europian Union, failure of [...]
A New Religion by Tim Schumacher
" This book contains information that can help you make decisions about what and who to believe, or not believe, and why. Religions, which are human inventions, ultimately fail to deliver what they most claim to seek: universal peace and harmony. Instead, they always seem to become instruments of conflict and engines of war. It must surely be possible to embrace the spirituality in us all while avoiding those things that [...]
A Rustle in the Grass by Robin Hawdon
'A peculiarly fascinating story.' The Guardian's Polly Toynbee - "I was immediately drawn into the story. We follow the exceptional bravery of Dreamer as he tries to determine what is worth dying for. It's a beautiful story." Rachel Stansel - Reviewer - Above ground the countryside stretches quietly, majestically beneath the changing skies. Peaceful and untroubled, far from the wars and woes of man, nature moves through her [...]
Why You Won't Go To Hell by Benjamin Vande Weerdhof Andrews
Can we live a moral life without God? Are religions a force of good in the world? Is there life after death? In Why You Won't Go to Hell, Benjamin Andrews argues that the time of religion is passing, and that humanity must create new laws and new systems to meet the challenges of a modern world based on science, logic, and the betterment of all. The book aims squarely at those who still seek answers to some of life's biggest [...]
Of Faith and Freedom - How cultural Marxism and political correctness hijacked America and how to take it back! by Joe Gilbert
It isn't very politically correct to say America is a Christian nation. However, the Founding Fathers were Christians and their core convictions were the bedrock upon which this country was built. These principles include the belief that as divine creations of God we are all equal before the law, each citizen has intrinsic worth and value above any government and our rights are endowed onto us by our Creator. These beliefs [...]
The Land of Eighteen Dreams by Lawrence J. Epstein
The Land of Eighteen Dreams is a novel about Lily Siegel and her grandfather, Benjamin. Lily narrates eighteen incidents describing their relationship as she grows from age eight to adulthood. As Benjamin tells her the story of his long and conflict-filled life starting with his childhood escape from being kidnapped by the Russian army, he simultaneously offers the wider story of American Jewish life over the last century and [...]
Shards Of Divinities by Nissim Levy
Ever since I was a child I always felt like a citizen of a different realm. With these words begins a sprawling saga about a boy coming of age, but also about humanity coming of age and reaching out and within to the transcendent. Seventeen-year-old Abram is a brilliant and sensitive young man. He lives in an ancient, walled city within a mighty desert empire. There comes a night, under the milky-white of the full moon, that [...]
Christian Doctrine - A Basic Introduction by Doug Erlandson
What Christians Believe Essential Elements of Christian Doctrine In Christian Doctrine: A Basic Introduction, Dr. Doug Erlandson presents a clearly-written and jargon-free guide to the central doctrines of the Christian faith. Beginning with a section on the source of Christian doctrine, Erlandson argues that the revelation of Scripture must be the primary source of our understanding of the essential doctrines of [...]
The Christian Faith - A Quick Guide to Understanding its Inter-Workings by Reid A. Ashbaucher
The Christian Faith: A Quick Guide to Understanding Its Inter-Workings is just that: a quick and concise explanation to what the Christian faith is all about and how it all works. There is a great deal of confusion over the subject matter of Christianity. This book was written to help alleviate that confusion. If you are a new Christian or a Christian who has made new commitments to know more about your faith or just someone [...]
A Stoner's Guide to Enlightenment - The Psychology of Spirituality by D.i.K. Doty
A Stoner's Guide to Enlightenment: The Psychology of Spirituality is about uncovering the individual self (the human personality) by understanding how we program our identities, and how much of that power we relinquish to others (friends, family, authority figures, etc.) It is also about realizing the self (the experience of being) through presence of existence. Awareness of self and the realization of being are the only true [...]
Fortis Momentum - A Spiritually Inspirational Self-Help Book of Prayers, Meditations, Thoughts, and Strategies for Christianity by Chris Downs
Also available on all major devices using the Kindle App. Ever wonder why us Christians are thought of so negatively by so many? Why any of the world's faiths can be brought up in conversation, but the second the name Jesus is said, angry faces emerge? Ever felt the need to grow and strengthen your prayer life? Don't know how to pray or need to know how to pray better? Have overwhelming stressors and struggles in your life [...]
My Days In The Beast - The Diary of a Holy Warrior in America by Aamir Al-Mamoura
The personal diary of Aamir Al-Mamoura, a radical Islamic Muslim, who for the benefit of his family in the event of his death or capture, recorded his activities in the US while collecting data in preparation for a nation-wide attack. This is a significant document as it's the first time captured terrorist data has been reported to the public unedited except for the required translation. A copy of each original page, in [...]
Synocant Schism by Peter J. Maher
The Prophesy of Sela has been fulfilled - the Issaric Empire has united a galaxy under the white and gold banner of Issa. For more than two hundred years the Emperor has awaited the return of the old enemy - Saemal. In this last chapter of the story that began with the First Race the final battle will decide not only the fate of the Empire but the future of civilisation itself.
The Genesis Equation by Peter J. Maher
The savagery of the Second Jihad was unprecedented in Galactic history. After a decade of constant war, the white and gold banner of the Imperial Family was once more raised upon fifty million worlds. But the ultimate causal nexus was about to restore an ancient evil to the multiverse. The balance of power would shift beyond corporeality into the realm of causality - time itself was running out.
The Eternal Fountain of Youth (Youth's Revolution) by Thomas Peace
The Eternal Fountain of Youth is a book written to help people to more fully understand the totality of life as a whole. The book helps people to intelligently understand true mindfulness and the genuine, all-encompassing, unregimented, compassionate awareness that discerns profoundly (far from the ordinary and superficial). The book helps people to --- without relying on leaders or man-made systems --- independently flower [...]
The Good News - How Revealing Delusions In Christianity Will Bring Peace To All
iSin > The Good News - First off, I (Shay Dawkins) have re-written the description of this read which is currently around a little over five years after it was published. There is some valuable content in this read, but I want to emphasize that my writing material and I, personally, have upgraded tremendously, since writing this book. I urge you to read my new book series, iSin (, first. It is where all my [...]
Zor - Philosophy, Spirituality, and Science by J. B. (Ray Clements)
"Am I truly happy or merely content?" That is the question haunting Jonathan Brewster after a series of discussions with the Haitian dwarf named Zor. Forced to defend his way of life, Jonathan, a middle aged money manager from Boston, unexpectedly discovers the power of positive energy, quantum entanglement, the law of attraction, emotional addictions, neuron networks, placebos, vipassana meditation, Jung's collective [...]
Believers?! by HH Roberts
HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED About the seven biggest deceptions in Christiandom? About the motives behind your thoughts, actions? About all Jesus taught and prophesied? About the tongue-talkers? If heaven or hell is our choice?! If we are all children of God? If there are many ways to heaven? If homosexuality is okay with God? If Believers will never die? If the Church is relevant today? If Jesus was both man and God? If you, too, [...]



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