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Book: Kept by Tracey Lampley
Author Tracey Lampley

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Private Love in a Public Place by Toni Kenyon
Mags O'Brien lives on the alcohol-soaked, drug-enhanced concert circuit, managing out-of-control rocker Julian MacAvoy. She helps him spread his musical gospel to his adoring followers, despite the fast-spinning turnstile on his bedroom door, and the broken hearts he leaves in his wake. Mags believes she's immune to Julian's magnetic personality but when controversy hits the tour, she finds herself in danger of falling at his [...]
The Unearthing of Blackstone by Tiana Laveen
Please note this book is adult in nature. It has heavy sexual content, adult themes and language, and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen. SYNOPSIS - Ace Blackstone is an extraordinary man with a passion for finding the secrets of others, the hidden and long forgotten. He is a professional private investigator who has a reputation of among the best in his field despite his loner lifestyle. Adopted by an [...]
One For Sorrow (The Cunning Prophet Series Book 1) by Jane Godman
Enticed by telepathy. Enslaved by lust. On a remote island in the Irish Sea, five girls have been murdered in the last eighteen months. When Detective Inspector Harry Grimshaw is told he must work with a psychic investigator, he is hostile and skeptical... but tattooed, foul-mouthed biker Dora Balniel is not a stereotypical clairvoyant. In spite of their animosity, Dora and Harry must work together to sift through Celtic [...]
Old Friends Are Hard To Kill by Gary Towner
When an American CIA agent is ordered to terminate a fellow agent who has gone rouge, he is conflicted to learn his mark is his best friend. He finally decides the edict is warranted and fires the fatal shot. But the event leaves him devastated and he resorts to drink to ease his pain. Then comes the improbable news that that maybe his old nemesis didn't die after all. There are reports that a rebel leader in Guatemala leaves [...]
Blackness Takes Over by Norma Jeanne Karlsson
Shannon Kelly's life has been anything but typical. Her life has been altered viciously at the hands of others twice. However horrible they have been, it's these changes that have given her a family and career now possibly love. The last thirteen years she has been supported and loved by her protector, her entertainer, and her comforter, but never a lover. When Dylan Kellerman enters Shannon's life he changes its course in [...]
The Last Witness (Gerard-Kensington Detective Series) by K. T. Roberts
Book One in the Gerard-Kensington Detective Series UPDATED AND REVISED Two crime vanishing victim... NYPD detectives Tate Kensington and Zachary Gerard are convinced one killer is at work, but proving it seems an impossible feat until a pre-teen prank blows the case wide open. Both detectives have their own pasts to haunt them - Tate's ex-flame is now her boss, and Zach's estranged father is counsel [...]
Bride Undone by Kate Deveaux
Chloe Dobson is supposed to be getting married in a week, yet she can't help spying on the weddings of total strangers. Desperate to catch a glimpse of what true love really looks like, she is having serious second thoughts about tying the knot. Until she meets the long-lost father of her intended groom. The hunk from Texas confirms her worst fears. She is marrying the wrong man. Sexy older man Wes Michaels can't believe it. [...]
Love at First Slight - Matt and Kate's Story - Frenemies to flames by Tobi Doyle
Matt's baby sister married Kate's big brother, and now he's left with her living in his townhome. She's beautiful, tiny, and she's probably ten years younger and definitely too opinionated and stubborn for him. Kate can't believe that her new sister-in-law, Liv, was able to tolerate living with the overbearing, over-protective ex-Army major. She can't stand the fact that she's already told him her darkest secret. Somehow this [...]
The Davis Twins Series Boxed Set ~ Books 1, 2 & 3 - Taking Chances, Making Choices, and Faking Changes by Ann Omasta
Do you like it spicy? This sizzling contemporary romance series features the ultimate love triangle! Spice-o-meter Rating: This fun, fast-paced romance is a solid 7.5 on a scale of 1 to 10--1 being 'Mild' (Grandma's diary - let's hope!) and 10 being 'Ooh La La, I'm blushing, but I can't seem to stop turning the pages' (The Fifty Shades of Grey Red Room of Pain). In Taking Chances, we meet Abigail Brown, a 28-year-old divorcee [...]
Life's Mysterious Dance 2 Royals Song by Annie Johnson
Life's Mysterious Dance 2 Royals Song continues the saga with the focus on Serenity's daughter Royal as she strives to reach her dream of becoming a professional dancer and runs into a few bumps in the road namely a bout with drugs. Oasis ex Clarissa manages to escape from the institution that she was placed in after attempting to murder him after they broke up. Ulysses finds out that she escapes and sends his informant to [...]
Crimson Clouds by Claude Nougat
Life after work is hard, you have to pick up the pieces, figure out what to do next. Robert, who has just retired from a brilliant career at the United Nations, is at a loss. He could work as a high-level consultant but he'd prefer to pursue his childhood dream of becoming an artist. Kay, his wife, twenty years his junior, is a lover of Contemporary Art and runs her own trendy art gallery in New York. She is dismayed by his [...]
Romance - Abandoned for Love by Amanda Reed
Carina abandons her groom on the altar and runs away. She discovers an adventure guide company and she goes there with the hope of taking off for some destination where her millionaire father, and the one forcing her to get married, will never find her. What she does not count on is falling in love with her guide, the strikingly sexy Mike, who discovers that she is a virgin.
Killing the Desire by Leanna Harrow
Is the man she loves her mother's killer? Rose never believed in love her mother's words in her head saw to that. Becks Harlow wanted Rose to protect her heart from the pain of love. When her mother is brutally murdered, Rose turns to the one man she thought could help, Detective Dave Mason. He was in charge of her mother's case. Little did Rose know, Detective Mason would soon be in charge of her body, heart, and soul. She [...]
Healing Inc. by Deneice P Tarbox
Book 1 of the Moriatti Men Series Tyler Moriatti had accepted his status as a not-so-nice wealthy bachelor. As far as he was concerned, pleasing his daughter and growing his business were of the utmost importance. That was, until he met Evelyn Stone (Evy). Little did they know, a chance meeting would grant them the opportunity of a lifetime. That is, if they can both overcome the ghosts of their past. For Tyler, that is [...]
Stellar Bliss One - A Journey Of The Dreamers by Jedaiah Ramnarine
Discover The Prelude To The Stellar Bliss One Series Set in a forbidden dream world where the truth is confidential. A brave, daring drifter named 'J' finds himself sick and tired of the force-fed routine in his all too perfect town of Quietville. Now on the run, he stumbles into a crazy telepathic girl named 'C. That's when everything gets unbelievably bad. Their matrix dream world becomes completely disillusioned. Filled [...]
Love Kills by Rebecca J. Vickery
A twisted tale of love and revenge... Valentine's Day should be a time for cards, gifts, and attention from a special person. But for Rosalyn, February 14th brings fear and anxiety. This would be her sixth year to spend the day in terror, fighting for her very life. Will Rosalyn survive to live another year, or will vengeance win and decide her fate? A Speculative Fiction short from the author of "Raising the Lost" and "Dad's [...]
Recovered Love by Chrissy Snyder
She stole his breath. She stole his heart. When she becomes stolen from him, he will stop at nothing to recover his love. Reid King has lived most of his adolescence bound in vines and thorns, cutting him deep. Scared that no one will accept the secret he holds locked tight, he flees, running from everything he's ever known. Family is the thickest when it comes to reasons for return, no matter what you will have to fight when [...]
Romance - The Publisher by Amanda Reed
Kimberly Barson, a graduate student who is struggling to make ends meet, thinks she's finally gotten her big break when her book manuscript, Female Liberation through Expression, is accepted for publication by one of the biggest publishers in the state. When she meets handsome millionaire William Harrison, the head of the business, he asks her to submit changes to the manuscript. Soon, that's not the only kind of submission [...]
Finding Love for a Cynic by Deneice P Tarbox
After years of diligently working on her degree in creative writing, Delona Raes was finally ready to take the world by storm ? or so her family decided that she was. They convinced her to pack her bags and journey to the opposite side of the country to work as senior editor for her brother?s budding publishing company. That lapse in judgment came back to bite them. None of them could have guessed how unprepared the young [...]
Romance - A Spark of passion by Amanda Reed
"A Spark of passion" contains the following two contemporary romances: "Passionate Desire" "Undiscovered Passion" This title contains contemporary short stories with mature situations. Readers should be 18 plus! Passionate Desire Chris is back home after seven years in Germany. Injured in the marines, he wonders if he can begin a new life. His wife died while he was deployed, and so he has nothing to come to accept his [...]
Samantha Posey Love Unfolded (Samantha Posey Love Series Book 1) by Shantee A. Parks
Book II: - Romance Novel - SAMANTHA POSEY is a wonderful party planner who does what it takes to make the party a success. She meets Jacob Latters, a successful business man, celebrity and billionaire playboy. Women are of no shortage to him, but finding love isn't in the cards for him, though he wishes it was. Jacob has never met a woman like her. This is an encounter that will definitely [...]
Alicia's Possession by Colette L. Saucier
NEW RELEASE: A sensual romantic suspense thriller! Haunted by a traumatic accident and her husband's betrayal, Alicia believes she can never trust again. Now she must surrender her will to Mason if she wants to solve the mystery behind the bizarre events terrorizing her. Are they the work of the paranormal, her own paranoia, or something far more sinister? After recovering from a freak car crash that put her in a coma for two [...]
Negotiating Skills by Laurel Cremant
Witnessing a private act leads to some interesting negotiations... Software programmer Veronica James is struggling to make her new business a success. After finally landing a major account, she's at risk of losing it all when she catches her new client Victor Rossi in a very compromising position. In an effort to regain the upper hand, Rossi insists on some sexy and compromising concessions from her that have Veronica [...]
Coinage of Commitment by Robert Costelloe
**Special Edition** **See Author's Note Below** Wayne and Nancy grow up on opposite sides of the country, each certain they must have love better than what others will settle for. Something stronger, something richer, something worth searching for. During the turbulent nineteen-sixties, they meet while he is attending blue-collar Drexel, and she is at neighboring, Ivy League Penn. Although irresistibly drawn to each other, [...]
Adults Only by Holland Kohl
Volume 1 of 2 Warning: Contains titillating voyeuristic sex, foam party shenanigans, and the beginnings of a juicy love triangle. When her business travel plans get sabotaged by a work competitor, Eva Stone and her fiery haired sidekick, Marlowe, end up at the wrong hotel. Housed in a medieval castle along the coast of St. John, Adults Only is a world renown erotic resort specializing in making fantasies a reality. While [...]



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