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Inna Volia: Ketogenic cookbook: 7 days meal plan super easy recipes [Coking, Healthy food]

free: 24. Jul

Thin and be in shape. In this book, the best recipes for fast weight loss and for recovering oneself in good physical shape are collected. As you can see the Ketogenic diet will help you lower your weight and live a healthy lifestyle by eating foods that are high in fat and low in carb. More and more health experts and doctors are recommending the ketogenic diet because of its superior health benefits. Start today, and you will lose weight, increase energy and start to feel great within 2 weeks.

J.S Scott: Stolen! By The Billionaire: A Prelude To Billionaire Unveiled [love, Romance]

free: 22. Jul to 24. Jul

For Readers of The Billionaire's Obsession Series: Find out what really happened to Dani during and after her kidnapping! Dani I'd never liked Marcus Colter--until he rescued me from certain death in what most people would call a suicide mission. He'd snuck into my prison camp and stolen me away from my captors like they weren't a group of ruthless killers, getting me to a safe place when the odds weren't in favor of him coming out of the rescue in one piece. Now, I don't know what to make of the man who had always been a major source of irritation to me. He's arrogant. That fact has never [...]

Will Jorden: I'm Worthless And I Know It Vol. 2: Six short stories on the most embarrassing and regretful moments of my life. [self help]

free: 22. Jul to 25. Jul

Life's hard but it's harder when you're stupid. My entire life I've struggled with my worthlessness and no one on this planet has my unique combination of imperfections and failures. I truly am special and that's disregarding the extra tutoring and special ed classes I took growing up. I'm a reflective person and my mind often wanders to the numerous hordes of regrets and painful memories that I hold dear. Luckily I have a sense of humor and in this book I will share those comedic nuggets of self-induced worthlessness in the most self-deprecating way I can portray myself. We all have moments [...]

Uvi Poznansky: Twisted [Dark Fantasy, Horror, Literary Fiction]

free: 21. Jul to 25. Jul

In this unique collection, discover diverse tales, laden with shades of mystery. Come into a dark, strange world, a hyper-reality where nearly everything is firmly rooted in the familiar except for some quirky detail that twists the yarn, and takes it for a spin in an unexpected direction. So prepare yourself: keep the lights on. Inspired by the author's art and by literature, these tales come from different times and places, with characters that search for their identity and challenge their hellish fate. Yet all of them share one thing in common: an unusual mind, one that is twisted. If you [...]

Ethan Indigo Smith: The Little Green Book of Revolution [Trump News, Metta Politics, Native American, Hopi]

free: 24. Jul to 27. Jul

The Little Green Book of Revolution is a pro-individual and anti-institutional look at the history of peaceful proactive revolution through the looking glass of original American Exceptionalism, native American Indian culture and The First Amendment. It is an exploration of the environmental destruction and the oligarchical design of the present energy distribution systems. The Little Green Book of Revolution leads to understanding the NWO, the NetherWorld Oligarchy, and offers ideas to counter the environmentally destructive oligarchical institutions of the NWO.

Joan L. Scibienski: Be the Light (The Ariana Series Book 1) [Paranormal Romance, Young Adult, Ghosts]

free: 23. Jul to 27. Jul

Every Human Holds the Secret of the Universe the Survival of the World Depends on Unlocking that Power. For as long as she can remember, Ariana Abrams has felt the presence of loving spirits around her. Invisible to everyone else, she hears their thoughts and feels their love. They are her teachers, friends, and protectors who kept her alive during an abusive childhood. Deciding to put distance between herself and her violent family, Ariana moves to the desert of Arizona to attend college. Determined to heal the wounds of her childhood, she seeks help from a counselor at her new university. [...]

R.S. Broadhead: Unveiled (Realms of Darkness Book 1) [paranormal romance, action, adventure]

free: 24. Jul to 28. Jul

Twenty-one-year-old Reese Salt and her best friends like to party, flirt with boys, and stare at her super hot mysterious neighbor who keeps trying to tell her something in cryptic messages. She doesn't believe him, wanting to continue living her carefree life. But then things get weird when they're at a party and someone--or something--laces the party favors. Suddenly Reese is surrounded by hot guys in tactical gear, looking for her boyfriend's friend. After that night, everything changes. The safe world Reese thought she lived in isn't so safe anymore. To take her mind off it, and to [...]

Terry Atkinson: Romance, Life and Love: 3 Cozy Romances in 1 Book: New Love New Life; Lost Love; Love in the Office

free: 24. Jul

This book contains three popular romances in one book: New Love, New life; Lost Love; and Love in the Office. Look Inside this book at the links for information on each of these single books. In this book, you have the opportunity to have ALL THREE of these stories at a discounted price in one collection. New Love, New Life: "The author writes with a measure of quietness that may move us to reevaluate ourselves and our relationships; perhaps by osmosis, more likely through character." Reviewed by the author of The Children's Story, About Good and Evil. Lost Love: "Yet another meaningful & [...]

Erik Ohlsen: Activate Your Joy: A Transformative Awakening to Health, Happiness, and Success. Including 12 Missions to Design a Life You Love [Anxiety, Life Design]

free: 24. Jul to 26. Jul

What if the key to living a happy and successful life were as simple as accepting who you are in this moment? That life is closer than you think. You can activate the power and joy inside of you right now. Right now, with your inherent awareness, you can transform your whole reality--and even the world around you. Filled with deeply personal stories, author Erik Ohlsen navigates us through his journey of chronic illness, tragic loss, activism, and his efforts to build a life he loves through daily practices, the creation of purpose-driven businesses, and a commitment to self-love. You are [...]

Jerri Blair: Living and Dying in the Rainbow Light: Volume III of the Lincoln County Law Trilogy [Women's literature, Legal thriller, Courtroom drama]

free: 24. Jul to 26. Jul

Elizabeth Shaw finds herself in a dilemma of great magnitude when she's appointed by Judge J.T. Lockman to represent the most hated man in the rural county where she practices law. Her client is accused of killing a popular legal assistant who worked for the most powerful lawyer in the county, a man who's also about to announce his candidacy for governor of the state. Elizabeth's dream that she might someday be appointed as a judge begins to dissipate when she takes on this highly controversial case, but disappears completely when the married gubernatorial candidate makes it clear that he [...]

Life Hacks Books: Leadership Development: If Steve Jobs was Coaching You: Charismatic Leadership Lessons Borrowed from Steve Jobs for High Potential People and Leaders. (The Leadership Hacks Series Book 1) [self-help]

free: 23. Jul to 26. Jul

What if the lessons borrowed from Steve Jobs' leadership could help you? About 'Leadership Development: If Steve Jobs was Coaching You' Steve Jobs co-founded Apple in 1976 with Steve Wozniak. Both had the exceptional ambition to bring computers into every home. Forty years later, computers are indeed in every home, the Apple ones in particular, not to forget those we carry in our pockets, jackets or handbags on a daily and hourly basis. But beyond this business success is a fascinating leadership story that numerous articles and comments have tried to analyze. In most of them, the question is [...]

M.G. Hawking: The Living Part of a Legend - Vol. 1 - An Encounter of the Most Profound Kind [Adventure, Ancient Mysteries, Esoteric Knowledge]

free: 21. Jul to 25. Jul

Explore a Fabled Lost World of Knowledge and Power... Legends are the relics of a shipwreck; far more of the secrets of the past have been lost than preserved. Accounts of what truly exists in our world began long after the realities had faded from human memory legends arose to preserve those realities. Explore the secrets underlying one of the greatest of all ancient legends, that of a hidden society of highly enlightened masters living deep in the majestic Himalayan Mountains, revealing knowledge that for long millenniums has remained hidden under the most intense silence. On an extended [...]

Kirsten Fullmer: Shabby Chic Forever (Shabby Chic Trilogy Book 3) [Romance, Junkgypsy, Shabbychicstyle]

free: 22. Jul to 24. Jul

Lizzie gave up her stressful job in Boston to embrace her love of all things country in Smithville PA. Her farm, a new job at the spa, and her pet alpacas are a dream come true, if only her meddling, matchmaking, socialite mother would back off. Elliot, a successful architect from Washington, DC, designed the new spa, but he certainly hadn't envisioned the exotic bohemian style manager or her intriguing, demanding mother. Small town antics and his interest in Lizzie extend his visit to Smithville, but will the allure of country life draw him in for good? Once again, Smithville's folk [...]

R. W. Raymond: Poison Fruit: The Master's Sons [Historical Thriller, Romance and Heartbreak]

free: 24. Jul to 28. Jul

The Civil War is over. The slaves shall all go free, all except for Casey. Through his jail cell window he can see the gallows where tomorrow he shall hang. The circumstances that landed Casey behind bars began when he turned seven and Robert and Larry, his Master's sons, chose him to be their friend. Years later, the boy's friendship ends. Casey falls in love with Alicia and they plan to marry. One day while searching for berries out in the woods Casey and Alicia discover Robert and Larry holding a young girl. Casey and Alicia try to free the girl, but Casey is knocked unconscious. He awakes [...]

Mia Syndella: Culinary travel: Mexico. 50 best mexican recipes. Easy cooking: I'm sure you can do it. [Mexican cookbook, Mexican Cuisine]

free: 24. Jul

6 Reasons to Buy This Book - 1. You will try the taste of Mexico without traveling there. 2. Only the 50 best recipes, including tacos, salsa, burritos and many other authentic Mexican foods. 3. Cook Book with detailed instructions and photos - 4. All recipes with Nutritional info. 5. Before the start, you will understand complexity level. 6. You will get a free bonus - Lifehack! The energy density of fruits and food components, the content of vitamins and microelements. Dishes are not just food- they are culture and tradition. You can learn all this when you are traveling. A series of books [...]

JB Rowley: Mother of Ten (Whisper My Secret Book 2) [family & relationships, Adoption & Fostering, Memoir]

free: 20. Jul to 24. Jul

#1 BEST SELLER IN 'AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND'! What happens to children who are robbed of family? Myrtle's first three children grew up without any knowledge of their mother after Myrtle was forced to give them up when they were still toddlers. Not only were the children deprived of contact with their mother, they also grew up devoid of any knowledge of each other after being placed in separate facilities. In this sequel to Whisper My Secret, JB Rowley explores what happened to the three half-siblings she never knew. As one of the children of Myrtle's second family, JB also offers a personal [...]

Benjamin Lindell: Anger Management: Control & Manage Your Anger to Inspire a Healthier, Stress-Free Life [Rage]

free: 22. Jul to 26. Jul

Anger Management Download This Amazing Guide Today! Available To Read On Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet! Anger is a human emotion that many people struggle with and just like any other human emotion, it must be harnessed and managed properly as an essential aspect of life. Many people do not realize that triggers are all around you, but what you can do to resolve them is to correctly and rationally manage what your response would be when faced with anger, and how to not lose control. Over the course of this book, you will read more about the underlying [...]

Victoria and Rebecca Heap: Behind the Facade: A gripping story of kidnap, romance and betrayal [Suspense, Thriller]

free: 23. Jul to 27. Jul

Katherine Pearson is happy with her life. She has a successful, doting father, a rewarding job and is soon to be married to a man who adores her. When she is kidnapped by an Irish terrorist, her world is destroyed. Years later, she still suffers from disturbing flashbacks and an inability to form new relationships. When she meets the enigmatic American, Michael Hunter, she believes she may have finally found love again. However, can you ever really know what is beneath the surface? Her new found peace of mind is shattered as the reasons for her kidnap are revealed and dangerous secrets come [...]

Yesenia Chavan: Mindfulness: Mindfulness for Beginners – How to Live in the Moment, Stress and Worry Free in a Constant State of Peace and Happiness (Mindfulness, Meditation)

free: 23. Jul to 27. Jul

Mindfulness for Beginners - Learn how mindfulness can make your life better TODAY! A "mindfulness for beginners" guide that will make you a joy magnet!! :o) Practicing mindfulness can make you happier, healthier and more productive than ever. This book will teach you how to take control of your thoughts, stop worrying, relieve stress and embrace a more peaceful way of living. Don't let life just happen to you! Use mindfulness to create a life of peace and happiness that you love! Are you tired of living on autopilot and letting your reactions, thoughts and feelings dominate you? Are you ready [...]

Ethan Indigo Smith: The Geometry of Energy: How to Meditate [Intuition, Mindfulness]

free: 21. Jul to 24. Jul

Geometry assists our understanding of the physical world, meditation assists our understanding of our inner world. The Geometry of Energy explores meditation and subtle energy through the four dimensions of geometry -points, lines, planes and solids. The four dimensions of geometry in relation to meditation and energy illustrate the true sacredness of sacred geometry. The Geometry of Energy enhances comprehension of meditation and conceptualization of energy. The four dimensions of geometry provide a formula to meditation and energy comprehension. The Geometry of Energy is an empowering four [...]

PC Zick: A Merry Mountain Christmas (Smoky Mountain Romance Book 4) [contemporary fiction, contemporary romance, sweet romance]

free: 24. Jul to 28. Jul

First love returns to the Smoky Mountains with a little help from a rescue dog named Chester. Fran is adjusting after her husband's death when her first love comes back to town upsetting her family and leading her to an inspiration. Fran first fell in love with Michael as a teenager. When he broke her heart, she married Carl and lived a happy life for more than thirty years until Carl died tragically. Just when she's becoming fed up with the well-meaning, yet tiresome comments about Carl's death, her first love returns and stirs long-forgotten emotions. You'll love this sweet Christmas tale [...]

Helena Pearson: Espionage: Dark Passions: Chapter 1 in the Espionage Series [Erotica, Romantic Erotica]

free: 24. Jul to 28. Jul

Enter a dangerous world of high-stakes corporate espionage with Celeste, thief-for-hire. However, has she met her match in an eccentric and paranoid CEO who is deadly serious when it comes to protecting his assets? Set in Atlanta, Ga, "Espionage" is a contemporary light BDSM tale about Celeste Lenthor, a word-class corporate spy for hire. After a job, months in the works, goes awry, Celeste wakes up trapped in an unfamiliar room, and with a fuzzy memory as to how she could have possibly ended up there. Celeste must use her wits and keep a cool head if she is to complete her job and escape [...]

Peter Hill: Killing Tomorrow (Evolution's Path Book 1) [Future Fiction, Thriller, Female Protagonists]

free: 24. Jul to 28. Jul

If you're reading this, it hasn't happened ..yet. In this dangerously overpopulated world, terrorism and fanaticism have reached boiling point, ISIS struggles on, Al Qaeda has been reborn and the war on terror continues, ever more vicious and amoral. The lives of three powerful women, Fleur Nicholls, a famous investigative journalist, Simone Gofre, a world-renowned microbiologist and Wenna Cavendish, a senior MI5 officer, become inextricably entwined. The passions and motives of these three women and their partners and lovers come into conflict; potent emotional bonds are shattered and a [...]

Caleb Wachter: No Middle Ground (Spineward Sectors- Middleton's Pride Book 1) [Science Fiction]

free: 21. Jul to 25. Jul

No Middle Ground is Book One of Seven in the ongoing Middleton's Pride military space opera series, set in the 20-books-and-counting Spineward Sectors universe written by the Wachter brothers, Luke Sky and Caleb. When the Empire abandoned the Spineward Sectors to their own devices, it was left to an underappreciated few like lifelong military man Tyrone 'Tim' Middleton and his crew of misfits aboard the aged Pride of Prometheus to keep their corner of the galaxy safe from forces which would tear it apart. This action-packed, character-driven space opera series is full of ship battles, space [...]

Wayne Edward Clarke: Blessings Of A Curse: Book one of The Nexus Of Kelleran Trilogy - USA Edition (The Nexus of Kellaran Trilogy 1) [Dragons]

free: 22. Jul to 26. Jul

Book One of The Nexus of Kellaran Series. A mighty world of magic and wonder approaches a global turning point, and a global war. Young Mark finds himself at the center of an intense whirlwind of adventure, romance, and action that will transform the world of Kellaran in only seven days! A passionately acclaimed High Fantasy Epic! Uses American Imperial (Standard) measurement units. New Professionally Published Edition! Features greatly improved cover art and graphics, better maps, new appendices including a recurring character list with descriptions and first appearance notes, proofreading [...]

Aurora Springer: Super Starrella (Secret Supers Book 1) [Superheroes, Murder Mystery, Romance]

free: 24. Jul to 27. Jul

Teen superhero, Starrella, and her flying horse combat vicious villains in the skies of Atalanta. The quiet summer before her freshman year turns frighteningly weird after Estelle Wright trespasses onto an Army base. Blown into the air and knocked unconscious, she wakes with a nascent superpower. Not to mention a winged horse with a snarky attitude and a mind of her own. Back home in Atalanta, a serial killer is targeting the students at Goldman University. Before long she must juggle college classes with sneaking out of the house after dark to battle alien monsters. Estelle's life is in [...]

ROBERT M: Dark Eye of the Jaguar [Treasure Adventure Thriller, Looted Jesuit Relics, Boxer Rebellion China]

free: 24. Jul

An antique mahogany campaign writing box is purchased from an old man at the Dirt Market in Beijing. A gold bishop's cross is found inside a secret compartment, long hidden since the last days of the Boxer Rebellion in 1900. At the centre of the cross is a large Columbian emerald, said to be cursed. In another secret compartment there is an un nished letter telling of a brass chest containing church treasures and relics looted by the Boxers. The chest had been liberated from the Boxers by a captain of the Bengal Lancers and buried by him somewhere in the city once known as Peking. The captain [...]

Maria Ellis: Monkey Bandit and the Naughty Ball (Monkey Bandit Funny Children's Books for Babies and Toddlers Ages 0 - 4 Book 2) [rules book, picture book]

free: 20. Jul to 24. Jul

Do you have a toddler who is ever so slightly tempted to bend the rules every once in a while (all for a "good" reason, of course)? Then you will like the story of Monkey Bandit and the naughty ball! Monkey Bandit, much like any toddler, forgets about the rules. He knows he cannot play with a ball inside the house, but are bending over the ball or touching it with one finger considered "playing with the ball"? This colorfully illustrated, funny children's story will make babies and toddlers giggle at the misadventures of Monkey Bandit. You can also start a very useful conversation, as the [...]

Kia Carrington-Russell: Possession Of My Soul (The Three Immortal Blades Book 1) [Young Adult, Action & Adventure, Romance]

free: 22. Jul to 26. Jul

Karla Gray is an ordinary young woman that is taken from her mundane life into a world of blood lust as she begins to struggle with a unique ability. Karla is a Shielder; an exceptional fighter born with the rare ability to project a Shield for protection. However, Shielders are not the only kind that possesses such a talent. The Shielders battle a war that has been raging for centuries against Starkorfs, who harvest humans and Shielders alike to obtain a near immortality. Alongside the charming Lucas and selfless Paul, Karla must unravel the purpose of her curse and battle an unknown [...]

M.G. Hawking: Interview with an Oracle, Profound Revelations about Life and Our World [Personal Narrative, Visionary]

free: 24. Jul to 26. Jul

2017 Edition. If you're concerned about the current state of the world, the political turmoil in our country, the well-being of yourself and your family, and the future of our civilization, this book is a critically important read. On an extended trek into the vast wilderness of the Himalayas, explorer M.G. Hawking chanced on an extraordinary opportunity. A series of adventures led him to an ancient Oracle Temple in the highlands of Tibet where he encountered a true shamanistic Oracle from the esoteric B'on wisdom tradition. The author's discussions with the Oracle covered a wide range of [...]

Charles Frankhauser: RC and RUBY Screenplay [Hindenburg Espionage, Crime Romance, Screenplay Script]

free: 22. Jul to 24. Jul

A treatment and screenplay for a feature length film is based on a premise that it's unwise to allow romantic attractions to cloud one's judgment in regard to abandonment of being a law abiding person. RC's legal record is clean until he meets a showgirl named RUBY. The pursuit of romance is a new experience for them both, but RUBY is more than the brave rider in a horse-diving act on the Steel Pier in Atlantic City. She was raised in a Hitler Youth Camp to be a German spy working with U-boats near America prior to World War II. RC and RUBY'S involvements in crime increase until a tragedy of [...]

H.E. Bulstrode: Gwydion's Dawn (H.E. Bulstrode's West Country Tales Book 3) [Mystery, Occult, Dark Comedy]

free: 21. Jul to 25. Jul

Lust, mushrooms and the quest for immortality: meet Gwydion Turner, the inept, portentous, psychedelic demon raiser; a wannabe Crowley in crushed velvet. From Haight-Ashbury to Glastonbury, this eccentric figure has been known by many, but understood by few; just who, or what, is he? The people of Glastonbury know only so much, although to them he is but one of any number of unconventional characters who grace the streets of their town. For the best part of the last decade, he has devoted himself to the 'Great Work', which he now believes himself to be upon the brink of realising; an esoteric [...]

Gina Crawford: 5:2 Diet: 5:2 Diet Recipes - 30 MINUTE 5:2 Diet Recipes Under 500 Calories for Easier Fast Days - 5:2 Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Fast Diet (5:2 Fast Diet) [Weight Loss, Health]

free: 23. Jul to 26. Jul

5:2 Diet - Make your body a fat-burning machine and live longer with the 5:2 diet and the power of intermittent fasting! Delicious 5:2 diet recipes to make your fast days EASIER! The 5:2 diet or fast diet is a unique approach to dieting that allows you to eat the foods you love for 5 days a week and do a modified fast on 2 non-consecutive days. In 5:2 Diet Recipes you'll get 60 quick and easy 30 MINUTE low glycemic recipes for breakfast and dinner that will make your fast days a breeze! The 5:2 diet makes losing weight easier and tastier than ever! The power of the 5:2 diet is in intermittent [...]

Kia Carrington-Russell: My Escort [Contemporary Romance, General Romance, Humor]

free: 20. Jul to 24. Jul

Clover is personal assistant to Debra Coorman, the merciless boss of Candice fashion magazine. The bright lights of New York are dim for Clover, who is tormented by a work schedule like no other. Debra is relentless in her determination to demean Clover. For once, Clover dares to play Debra's games, and intends to prove her wrong at the next glittering event. With mixed emotions, Clover contacts a male escort, Damon. If his velvet voice over the phone is anything to go by, Clover knows her money will be well spent. But when Damon appears at her door, something unexpected happens. The taunts [...]

J.D. Stonebridge: The Unlocked (Charlie Hartley Series Book 1) [science fiction, fantasy, thriller]

free: 20. Jul to 24. Jul

A childless couple, Sarah and Carl Hartley, become witnesses to a car accident along Pilgrims Highway. As the baby girl who they pulled out from the burning car grows up, they learn that little Charlene 'Charlie' Hartley is more special than they expected. From a very young age, Charlie developed a surprising ability to move items without touch. Seventeen years later, Charlie was already on her way to Harvard when she encounters an incident forcing her to use her hidden telekinetic powers. A new world of possibilities opens for Charlie as she is invited to become part of a special team of [...]

Peter Hill: The Hunters (The Staunton and Wyndsor Series Book 1) [Murder Mystery, British Detectives, Police Procedural]

free: 24. Jul to 28. Jul

The Hunters (A Crime Thriller) 'To follow the brilliantly inspired tracking of Hill's two detectives is a joy, apart from the brain-teasing pleasure of accepting the author's challenge to identify the murderer.' London Evening News - 'Staunton walked out into the field. He stopped about twenty yards in, squatted down on his haunches and stared at the ditch where the girl's body had been found. Then he was motionless for a while, absorbing the details of the place, picturing it in darkness, the girl, her screams muffled by the murderer's hand, being dragged along the inside of the hedge, [...]

Catie Rhodes: Forever Road (Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thrillers Book 1) [Urban Fantasy, Psychic Suspense]

free: 24. Jul to 28. Jul

Book 1 in the Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thriller series. A world full of ghosts. A reluctant psychic medium. Destiny only knocks once then it kicks down the door. Peri Jean Mace thinks seeing ghosts is a curse, but her murdered trailer trash cousin doesn't care. She wants Peri Jean to expose her killer. Peri Jean figures out everyone in her one-stoplight East Texas town has something to hide. And one of them will kill to hide the truth. In over her head, Peri Jean has to face her curse or end up the next victim. Forever Road is the first book in the Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thriller series. If you [...]

M.G. Hawking: Mystic Knowledge of the Ages, The Reawakening [Esoteric Studies, Occult Knowledge, Inspirational]

free: 22. Jul to 24. Jul

This book takes you on an exploration of the most refined and profound wisdom of the ages, the mystic knowledge to which the Western world has in recent times been reawakening. What exactly is this knowledge? Mystic knowledge falls under the aegis of Aristotle's metaphysics and seeks to reveal the fundamental nature of all reality; it describes what anything must be in order to be at all. It presents a description so integral, so essentially simple, so all-inclusive that it applies to everything, whether visible or invisible, human or divine, or anything else. Religion has never really done [...]

Elvis Crews: Sex improves Your Sperm Ability: Understanding How to Get Her Pregnant [fertility and conception, causes of infertility, trying to conceive]

free: 24. Jul to 25. Jul

Ever wondered aloud: How Do I get my Wife Pregnant? Will regular sex improve my sperm's ability to make her pregnant? In this book, titled Sex improves Your Sperm Ability - Understanding How to Get Her Pregnant, by Elvis Crews, you will learn the basics which you have abandoned on how to get your wife pregnant. Strike out all the complex jargons You will be availed with the simple explanation of concepts that might have been explained in a complex terms previously. No one truly understands the intricate movement the human sperm has to go through to reach its destination which is to fertilize [...]

Debra Rufini: The Artist's Page [Christianity, Spirituality, Poetry]

free: 21. Jul to 25. Jul

What would your response be to a group of small people, overlooking you to look at the masterpiece you'd lovingly made for them? How would you feel by their admiration for your magnificent creation as they ignore your wonderfully creative hands? Would you feel sad? Frustrated? Angry? Imagine your relief when they leave your invisible side. Picture your joy and your gratitude with their replacement - an appreciative group marvelling at your masterpiece, undoubtedly produced by your love. Would you feel glad, grateful, relieved, believed, like the Artist in this story felt? This inspirational [...]

Levese Williams: Amazon Princess: Quest for Nature's Dagger (Amazon Princess Series Book 1) [fantasy romance, love and magic]

free: 22. Jul to 26. Jul

In a world of magic and mystery, an Amazon princess must rise from the ashes of her questionable past and save her tribe from perishing. When her queen mother is abruptly murdered during a secret quest, Nibrada is chosen to become the new queen. She now must overcome the disapproval of her tribe and prove herself worthy of the crown. In order to protect these women she must venture on a quest to find a secret, hidden relic needed to keep her tribe safe from an impending attack. She must rely on the help of her magic powers and a group of new mysterious male travel companions to accomplish her [...]

Vanessa Angel: Overcoming Fears: Turning Them into Strength and Confidence (Personal Development Book) The Ultimate Guide: Anxieties & Phobias, How to Be Happy, Feeling Good, Self Esteem, Positive Thinking [phobia free, mental health]

free: 22. Jul to 26. Jul

Having reached the end, people laugh at the fears that were torturing them in the beginning. Paulo Coelho Today only, get this Kindle book for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $5.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device. What prevents people from reaching their goal, changing their dull life, staying healthy, and, at last, feeling happy? What controls our subconsciousness and destroys our plans? It is a sense of fear whether inspired by our past experiences, or maybe the experience of our family and friends. In life, we always face many fears, and it is tough to overcome [...]

Richard French: Brief Lives [Theatre, Crisis and Recovery, Literary Fiction]

free: 24. Jul to 28. Jul

An entertainer gets into serious trouble & strives to recover. Decades later, actors stage a play about him. Bosworth Hooper is a fictional entertainer - a stage magician, stand-up comic, songwriter - who lived in the mid-19th century and got into serious trouble after ambition led him to stray from his vocation. "Brief Lives" answers the question, "Can Hooper hold together the family he loves and recover his standing in the public eye?" At the same time, this novel reveals how a theater company in the mid-20th century goes about putting on a play based on the story of Hooper and his wife [...]

Chris Lowry: INCURSION - an ALIEN OMNIBUS [awesome anthology, science fiction, 4 books]

free: 24. Jul to 28. Jul


 ebooks which will soon be available for free

Inna Volia: The 30 day Ketogenic diet : Weight Loss Cleanse, Cookbook Diet [cooking, healthy food, food]

free: 25. Jul

The 30 day Ketogenic diet. Weight Loss Cleanse. Cookbook Diet First and foremost, I would like to thank you for purchasing this book and supporting me in my journey. Since you are reading this book, I am assuming that you are interested/ or have at least heard of the diet known as the "Ketogenic" diet. If the answer to that is an astounding "Yes", then you have come to the right place! The target audiences for my book are absolute beginners who are just trying to scratch the surface of the Ketogenic diet, but are feeling lost, due to the thousands of different information and opinions out [...]

David Belisle: A Special Interest [Humor]

free: 25. Jul

To leap-frog the polls, a Canadian grass roots political party does the unthinkable. At the grand opening of Canada's 100th All-Mart store in the quiet Ottawa suburb of Orleans, the Galvanized Anew Party kidnaps Prime Minister Kruster-LeClune and U.S. President Rushmore. It's political activism at its most active. GAP policy advisor Ronald Greenwood has some explaining to do. A quick read, Belisle wrote this political satire as part of Anvil Press' 3-Day Novel competition. He maxed out at 33 pages per day.

Mia Syndella: Culinary travel: Japan. Food traditions, best 50 recipes, how to replace Japanese products. Full instructions step by step with photo.: Japanese food is not only sushi. I'm sure you can do it. [Japanese recipes, Japanese cookbook, Japanese cuisine]

free: 25. Jul

One of the most interesting and special parts of Japanese life is food traditions. For Japanese people a meal is not just the physical process of eating, but rather it is about aesthetics as well. That is why they select each item for a dish very carefully. Japan has a special food culture. It is one of the biggest secrets of the health and longevity of the Japanese people.

Annalie Coetzer: Weight Loss Motivation and Mini Habits: Form new Habits. Permanent weight loss. Stop Dieting. Inspiration [Weight loss habits, Healthy lifestyle]

free: 25. Jul

Struggling to lose weight permanently and you just can't figure out why? This life-transforming book makes use of strategies that work to change your viewpoint on weight loss for good. Losing weight and keeping it down is a lifestyle. Weight loss is the sum of small efforts, which is repeated day-in and day-out. Dieting trends are temporary fixes to your desired body image goal. Rather than chasing these false goals, you can still lose weight fast and safely, without a negative impact on your health, and without calorie counting. The solution to weight control is inside a person not on the [...]

Amabel Daniels: Better Than the Best [Romantic suspense, Second chances, Psychological thriller]

free: 25. Jul to 26. Jul

A new beginning. Turning a leaf. All that crap. After her divorce and the death of one of her patients, an ER nurse, Kelly Newland, searches for a fresh start in the little town of Churchston. As she learns to accept her failures in life, she befriends some of the locals, except for one disgruntled man, the hero everybody loves to hate. He could feel their stares on his back, their judgments hovering over their heads. Will Parker suffers from PTSD, and as the black sheep of the sleepy lakeside community, he struggles to get back up on his feet. Initially, Kelly and Will mix like oil and [...]

Emma Gertony: Christy’s win over her fear! “I’m not afraid anymore!” [Children's Books, Growing, Facts of Life]

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Christy's win over her fear! "I'm not afraid anymore!" You will be inspired by the incredible story about Christy's fears! You will learn how a little girl became a winner over the fears in her brain. All children have fears and this story will help your babies overcome their fears! Find out how you can do it! Christy sat in the kitchen with her mom. Mom gave her a glass of milk and a cookie for a snack while she did her homework. Her mom worked late at night at the hospital and Christy was glad she was home with her after school every day. She thought it was a good time to ask about the [...]

Anthony Caplan: The Victor's Heritage (The Jonah Trilogy Book 2) [Metaphysical, Visionary]

free: 25. Jul to 26. Jul

A Science Fiction Dystopian Thriller that is Spell-Binding from Start to Finish. The Victor's Heritage is an intricately woven tale that parallels contemporary events, set in a futuristic world. It is 2045. America has been shattered into two countries. Democravia and the Republican Homeland. Peace between the two continental rivals is always fragile. Rebellious teens seek to forge their own path, but is that always so terrible? Corrag is one such teen who has been forced into a world that she is ill-prepared for and yet is ready to embrace new ideas and concepts far from the standard "party" [...]

Emma Gertony: Verbal abuse: How to save a child from it. Understanding and preventing. [Child abuse, Parenting]

free: 25. Jul to 26. Jul

Verbal abuse: How to save a child from it. Understanding and preventing. Children are arguably the most vulnerable members of society. They are in the process of developing a sense of self, learning the ways of the world, and internalizing thought and behavior patterns that will accompany them for life. When a child is surrounded by supportive adults, like parents, caretakers, teachers, and coaches, they are likely to feel encouraged and safe as they begin to test how their ideas fit into the world. What happens, however, if a child does not have supportive adults around them? What if a child [...]

Michael Hawking: Enter the Light [New Release, Adventure, Ancient Mysteries]

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Composed from the journals of explorer M.G. Hawking's five years in remote areas of the Himalayas, this book transports the reader into a legendary realm of light, a journey that leads to the discovery of the most refined and powerful knowledge possessed by the human race. "There is no true teacher who in practice does not believe in the existence of the higher self, or soul, or in the magic that acts on it through the pursuit of knowledge. There is no desire more natural than the desire for knowledge. Learning is the movement from darkness to light." Many years ago, while trekking in an [...]

Ryan Greene: Intermittent Fasting: Learn the Physical and Mental Benefits of Fasting; Build Muscle and Lose Fat while Increasing Productivity and Metabolism [Diet, Fitness]

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How Eating Less Can Push You Further Have You Ever Considered Fasting? Do You Want To Unlock Your Body's Potential? If so, "Intermittent Fasting" by Ryan Greene is THE book for you! It covers everything you need to know about Intermittent Fasting! Fasting in short intervals can unlock the potential of your body's age-old evolutionary processes, and could lead to a longer, healthier life. Your body changes when it isn't constantly fed. It releases important hormones, yours cells repair themselves, and you burn fat in completely new ways. Your body chemistry changes after only 12 hours of [...]

S M Mala: Her Bleeding Heart [romance, humour, contemporary]

free: 25. Jul to 29. Jul

Saturday 9.33pm - The night that changed her life. Odele thinks she's dead as something bad has happened. The night that changed his life. Davey feels alive as something good has happened. Four years later and that single moment has left its mark on both of them. She has to come to terms with the physical and emotional torture she was put through. He has to come to terms with the mental barrier stopping him from being a success again. Both their lives intertwine in an unexpected turn of events; where they realise each of them is broken, in one way or another. Could love be the key to making [...]

Anna Adler: Hers, Untamed: A Science Fiction Romance [alpha male, erotic romance]

free: 25. Jul to 29. Jul

Alyssa Cressfield always wanted a pet a big, sexy man who would look impressive on a leash. Now, she is finally ready to realize her dream. She visits a pet training center, intending to buy a trained pet. Instead she finds Jax, a fierce human-alien hybrid freshly caught from space, still untamed and unbroken. Alyssa has never encountered an untamed pet before. She can't resist temptation; she must have him. On Silenia, it is customary for humans to keep other intelligent species as pets and sex toys. Alyssa is kind at heart, but she is a product of her society and therefore sees nothing [...]

Q. Zayne: Ravished Curves: 2 Captain's Prize Stories (Short Erotic Fantasies Book 1) [dark, romantic, erotica]

free: 25. Jul to 29. Jul

Love can take you by surprise. A muscular ship's captain and a curvy woman in need of a man create burning heat. Ready or not, these voluptuous beauties get more than they expected when their secret fantasies come true. Brandy's one-night stand with a commanding man takes an unexpected turn. Amira discovers a book with a secret power. When a hunk captaining an ancient ship gets his hands on her, she's in for a surprise. Ravished Curves includes recent Q. Zayne stories, Love in Time and Brutal, plus a bonus story, Abducted. Abducted is included in Nasty. It features a plus-size model taken by [...]

Steven Smith: The Map of the Known World (The Tree of Life Book 1) [Mythology]

free: 25. Jul to 29. Jul

Prester John dominates the Known World. Total loyalty is demanded. Disobedience is punished by death. Fourteen-year-old Elowen Aubyn lives a miserable life in an orphanage. Bullied and lonely, she dreams of escape and adventure, little realising her dreams are about to come terrifyingly real... When the mysterious Tom Hickathrift gives Elowen an ancient map, she is forced to flee. For the map holds a secret, a secret for which many are prepared to kill, a secret that could change the world forever... The opening part of an epic fantasy trilogy, The Map of the Known World is a tale of magic, [...]

Art Galaxie: Masters of Contemporary Fine Art (International Artists Art book)

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A Creative Book for Creative Minds. Volume I of Masters of Contemporary Fine Art is a publication dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of high quality Contemporary Art. Painting, Sculpture, Drawing and Digital Art are the categories that Art Galaxie has chosen to publish in this Art book. The vast range of expressive techniques and also the different styles in each category add value, depict fascinating rhythm and captivate diversity. This book is also a powerful tool for research, consultation for study for Artists, Collectors, Galleries and Art lovers too. This ebook allows the [...]

Shane Brown: MELT: A Psychological Thriller [kidnapping]

free: 25. Jul to 29. Jul

On March 26th, seven people are abducted from right across the United States of America. A charity collector. A schoolboy. A CEO. A UPS delivery driver. A retired schoolteacher. A computer gamer. A hunter. They are just everyday people with nothing in common. No ransom is demanded. No one knows why they are taken. And no one could possibly imagine the horrors they've been chosen to face. Given no instructions, totally isolated from the outside world, all they find is ice. From the moment they awaken, the ice begins to melt and their terrifying struggle for survival begins. The ice will push [...]

Inna Volia: Ketogenic diet 14 days meal plan: Best recipes for weight loss, advice and recommendations [cookbook, healthy food, food]

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Ketogenic diet 14 days meal plan If you have decided to jump into the amazing world of Ketogenic Diet, then you have most certainly come to the right place! This whole book has been written in a very friendly and easy to understand manner that would very easily catapult you into the Ketogenic world without any worries. And the best part is that, even if you are an absolute amateur in this field, you will still be able to jumpstart your diet with ease! Throughout the book, I have included a good number of amazing recipes alongside a terrific meal plan to give you a firm idea of your diet. But [...]

Denis Romanov: Dating Secrets for Men: Do You Want Mutual Love? Learn all the Secrets on how to Date after Beautiful Girl [Fot men]

free: 26. Jul

Dating Secrets for Men Do you see that girl? Yeah, that beautiful girl over there! We both know you like her and you want to get to know her. So what is holding you back? Why do you feel defenseless? The truth is, you can have any girl you want, and this book will show you the way! In this book you will find tips, do's and don'ts and tricks that will help you approach any beautiful woman and make her yours. After reading every page of this book, you will be prepared in any way possible to confront a woman. You will know what to say, what NOT to say, how to text her, how to stand, how to [...]

Ben Leybovich: House Hacking: The Only Real Estate Investing Strategy You Need to Build Wealth, Live for Free (or almost free), and Make Money Through Homeownership. [Investments, NonFiction]

free: 26. Jul

Who is this Book For? Having involved myself with House Hacking I realized that this strategy represents a phenomenal solution for many folks. And what's most exciting is that House Hacking solves a problem for not just one group of people, but several. In fact there are at least 3 groups for whom this book will pave the way toward success! First of all, I have to tell you (and this is based on 10 years of real estate investing experience) that a properly executed house hack is absolutely the most brilliant investment opportunities. This has to be the easiest CASH FLOW I've ever created (and [...]

Lumari .: Shopping For A Man: The Ultimate Woman's Guide to Dating a Really Great Guy [Self Help]

free: 26. Jul to 27. Jul

Don't change yourself. Change how you shop. Learn how to date a really great guy without changing who you are, playing games or sacrificing yourself. Finally! Self-discovery through shopping! Get ready for a fun book filled with wisdom teachings, healing, visualizations and fabulous shopping tips that will help you date a fabulous guy who's the right fit for you! That's what you want! This empowering dating guide celebrates you. It's full of fun, wisdom and soul for women of all ages. Shopping For A Man reveals secret dating tips to help you bust the illusions about dating, find deeper [...]

Nora Robson: 50 Beauty Recipes Homemade lotions and creams! Just 15 minutes to be natural & stay organic (+ a free gift inside) [Health]

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Care for your skin, use toxin-free and natural components! With these recipes, you can create organic lotions and creams that do not demand a lot of time! You only need a great desire to care for your skin. You have to eliminate skin problems, and these homemade lotions and creams are all you need! The lotion making process is not time-consuming if you get this recipe book! Inside this book, you will get to know how to create your own cream or lotion for your skin. We took into consideration widespread problems with different types of skin and tested all the recipes inside this book. Homemade [...]

Kid's Corner Publishing: 120+ Horse Jokes: animal jokes for kids, funny jokes for kids, riddles and brain teasers for kids, silly jokes, laugh out loud jokes for kids, childrens ... (Animal Jokes and Riddles for Kids Book 18) [children's book]

free: 26. Jul to 28. Jul

Are you ready for the best Horse Jokes and Riddles for Kids? Below are sample jokes that you will find inside the book. Take a sneak peak: Q: Why did the pony have to gargle? A: Because it was a little horse Q: What did the horse say when it fell? A: I can't giddyup! Q: When does a horse talk? A: Whinney wants to Q: What do you call a horse that lives next door? A: A neigh-bor Q: What disease was the horse scared of getting? A: Hay fever You'll find more of them when you buy the book. ***Read it FREE With Kindle Unlimited or Prime Membership*** Don't have kindle? No worries! Read it on your [...]

David Bookbinder: Paths to Wholeness: Selections [self-improvement, spirituality]

free: 26. Jul to 30. Jul

"David Bookbinder is one of those awakened souls whose near-death experience gave him fresh and timeless eyes. He has taken that gift and poured it into Paths to Wholeness: Fifty-Two Flower Mandalas, using innovative photography and heartfelt reflection to surface and praise the mysteries of the inner world." - Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening Many of us long to be fully present to this amazing existence we were born into, and often we can. But sometimes, we look for help. In these selections from Paths to Wholeness: Fifty-Two Flower Mandalas, psychotherapist, photographer, and near-death [...]

J.S Scott: Ethan's Mate (The Vampire Coalition Book 1) [Paranormal Romance, HEA]

free: 26. Jul to 30. Jul

Ethan Hale is a vampire with a mission. Together with his three brothers and a few other unmated members, he fights with The Vampire Coalition to protect humans from fallen vampires. His life is fairly simple. If he has a problem...he solves it. If it's an evil problem...he kills it. But his uncomplicated life is about to end when his mate unexpectedly calls him to her. Brianna Cole is weak, her life force fading away. She thinks she is suffering from a rare form of leukemia. Little does she knows that her illness is much more complicated. She's dying because she has not united with her [...]

J.S Scott: Mine For Tonight (The Billionaire's Obsession, Book 1) [love, HEA]

free: 26. Jul to 30. Jul

This book is free on most venues. If the book is not free, it is not the choice of the author. Please direct your concerns to the vendor. Genre: Adult Contemporary Steamy Romance - Down on her luck, nursing student and full-time waitress Kara Foster gets a massive blow to her already desperate financial situation that will surely find her living on the streets. Needing nothing less than a miracle to save her, Kara gets rescue from an unknown, unlikely and overwhelming source. Billionaire Simon Hudson makes her an offer that is impossible to refuse, but terrifying to accept from a man that [...]

Ron Corriveau: The Agent's Daughter (Agent Series Book 1) [Young Adult, Thriller, Romance]

free: 26. Jul to 30. Jul

Melina has been preparing for a future career as a spy. She just doesn't know it. Legendary spy Evan Roberts always knew that his fifteen-year-old daughter Melina also possessed the absolute lack of fear required of an agent. Without telling her his real profession or his intention, he began to guide her toward an eventual career as a spy. However, Melina's world is shattered after her mom is involved in an accident that leaves her mysteriously unhurt but unresponsive. Her father's plans on hold, Melina settles into life at a suburban high school, immersing herself in a world of schoolwork, [...]

David Scholes: Human Hunter and Other Science Fiction Stories [David Scholes]

free: 27. Jul

The book comprises a collection of 20 fast paced, action packed, science fiction and science fantasy short stories. The lead story "Human Hunter" is based on a story arc pod cast on the Beam Me Up Pod cast site during 2014/15. In its desperation to acquire an alien artifact an Earth based organization courts disaster by illegally employing Xelk human hunters on Earth. "Grey Power - Consolidation" looks at the world post the Young/Old War while in "The Empress Voluvita" the authority of the Empress of one hundred worlds is challenged in an unexpected way. "Dystopian Transcontinental Journey" [...]

Inna Volia: Eat delicious and lose weight quickly: More than 50 recipes of healthy food, diet joy, light on calories [cookbook, cooking]

free: 27. Jul

If you have picked up this book, then you are most definitely tired of cutting down random foods from your menu without even losing a single pound! Well, good for you that you have stumbled onto this recipe booklet! The recipes in this book are carefully designed to be fully compliant with a diet regime known as the "1000 calories diet" program. Even if you are a complete lazy bum and don't prefer to move around a lot, you will still be able to benefit from these recipes and the program and should be able to effortlessly lose 1 pound per week. However, before you start exploring the recipes, [...]

Katy Huth Jones: Mercy's King (He Who Finds Mercy Book 4) [Epic fantasy, Christian]

free: 27. Jul

Eleven years of peace shatter when the great dragons attack. Prince Valerian, unable to contact the dragon leader, Albinonix, is blamed for bringing the dragons to Levathia. With King Orland gravely ill, and Merry unable to Heal him, Lord Lewes and Sir Gregory take advantage of the turmoil by putting forward their own candidate to succeed Orland in place of Valerian. How can Valerian and Merry quell these dire threats to Levathia's peace, especially when the unlawfully proposed successor is someone they both love?

Stella Parker: Ketogenic Diet: Book for beginners. [ketogenic diet plan]

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Hurry up and get your copy today for 0.99 only! Regular price 6.99! I would like you to know first of how much I appreciate your gesture of purchasing and downloading this book. This book has been very carefully designed to let you know everything there is to know about a Ketogenic Diet, even if you are an absolute beginner! Throughout the whole book, I will be discussing the core concepts of Ketogenic Diet while introducing you to some interesting recipes for you to start experimenting on your own! You should keep in mind though that once you have started up a Ketogenic Diet regime, you [...]

Debashish Das: The Tellurian Threat: A Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction Thriller (The Tellurian Archives Book 1) [hard science fiction, dystopian science fiction]

free: 27. Jul to 28. Jul

Nature's fury unleashed. An entire city oblivious to the threat. One man caught in the middle. Kyle is an up and coming data analyst. But the new project he has been assigned is making him miserable. However, things take a turn for the worse when he is accused of stealing classified data. Rohan, a soft-spoken programmer, believes Kyle is innocent. He suspects that Kyle is being framed and the real hacker's intentions are far more nefarious than simple data theft. His suspicions are confirmed when both, he and Kyle, find themselves tied and locked up in a dark cell. They must find a way to [...]

Clara Grey: Unique and healthy pressure cooker recipe cookbook.: Healthy recipes for instant pot and pressure cooker. [Pressure cooker cookbook, Instant pot recipes]

free: 27. Jul to 28. Jul

This book is a real treasure for you and your instant pot. The variety of healthy and tasty recipes will pleasantly surprise you and even your electric pressure cooker. These creative and super yummy pressure cooker recipe book will make you a professional cook! The recipes focus on healthy and easy to cook everyday meals. This tasty instant pot recipe book for cooking will help you to create mouth-watering dishes. In this cooking recipe book for instant pots, you will find delicious, purifying and unique oatmeal with dried fruits or succulent meatballs with full of vitamins broccoli recipes. [...]

M.G. Hawking: Finding Shambhala: In The Valley of Supreme Masters [Adventure, Ancient Mysteries, Esoteric Knowledge]

free: 27. Jul to 29. Jul

Journey into the world of a profound legend through this unprecedented first-hand account to explore a reality that for millenniums has remained concealed under layers of myth and secrecy. Rarely has the world been so enduringly fascinated by an ancient legend as it has with the historically ubiquitous stories of Shambhala, the fabled hidden sanctuary of sages and mystic masters. Scholars relate that the scriptures of the 4000 year-old Zhang Zhung culture may be the earliest extant references to this mysterious realm, yet it is described in many ancient traditions; the pre-Buddhist B'on [...]

M.G. Hawking: Ancient Egypt, Extraterrestrial Origins [Adventure, Extraterrestrial Influences, Ancient Mysteries]

free: 27. Jul to 29. Jul

Explore the True Origins of a Majestic Civilization. For centuries, devoted scholars have endeavored to penetrate the mystery of Ancient Egypt, the stone-age culture that abruptly rose to create the greatest civilization of known history. Champollion, founder of Egyptology, was the first of a thousand such men, living simply in the heat and dust, trying to read for us the riddle of the achievements of a mysterious civilization, to snatch from the secretive soil the science and technology, the art and literature, the history and wisdom of Ancient Egypt. By its side Sumeria's culture was but a [...]

Frances Hoelsema: Growing Up Neighbors [coming of age, young adult, love story]

free: 27. Jul to 29. Jul

Little Deborah Harrington stared across the street the day the Michaels family moved in. Who was this family? Would she even like them? Nicholas Michaels hated the fact he had to move away from everything and everyone in his life, but his feelings change when he meets the Harringtons. Deborah and Nicholas become the best of friends, and as the children grow up, their friendship deepens. But when tragedy strikes, will this cause them to part ways? Or will it perhaps make them realize they may have stronger feelings for one another before it's too late? *Author's Note* Growing Up Neighbors will [...]

Maya Thoresen: Hygge: The Danish Secrets of Happiness: How to be Happy and Healthy in Your Daily Life. [Nonfiction, Travel, Denmark]

free: 27. Jul to 30. Jul

Hygge: The Danish Secrets of Happiness Have you ever stopped just for a moment, pressing pause on your busy life, asking yourself if you are truly happy? You might be satisfied and you may love your family, but there's so much more to happiness than that. It is something everyone is chasing, but what of an entire culture has already found the secret, and it has been under your nose the whole time? Well, research has finally shown the happiest culture and country in the world might have the answers to a happy life. This book is meant to lead you on a path to the very beginning of that true [...]

Matt Burton: Intermittent Fasting: The Complete Beginners Guide to the Six Methods of Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss and Optimal Health (weight loss, 5:2 diet, ... eat, rapid weight loss, fasting, fast diet)

free: 27. Jul to 31. Jul

This book is a step by step guide to intermittent fasting for weight loss which will help you easily guarantee the body fat cuts you are looking for and end the struggle to finally lose weight, saving you time and money and along the way. Are you one of the millions of people who are looking for a weight loss program that actually works? Have you tried diet after diet that doesn't work for you? Do you want a weight loss method that will save you money instead of costing a fortune? Are you looking for an easy way to shed those extra pounds? How about a way to lose weight that has guaranteed [...]

ROBERT MITCHELL: THE CRYING STONES [The Lucinda Legacy] [Adventure Thriller, The Dutch Diamonds, Broome Pearl Lugger]

free: 28. Jul

Diamonds Eight million dollars' worth. The Lucinda, the pearl lugger that led the fathers of the sons to the sparkling stones. The lugger which bequeathed the legacy of that fateful day in March 1942 to those sons. A legacy kept hidden until ... But are they still waiting in their secret place? Do they still wail for the dead and those soon to be dead? The sons of the fathers, urged on by that legacy forty-four years further on. Mistrust fighting hate, anger curbed by greed, as the sons race across the great continent of Australia towards destiny, towards the once booming town of Broome, [...]

Joseph Harvey: BBQ master! 50 exclusive barbecue recipes: Meat, vegetables, marinades, sauces and lots of other tasty thing - all in one! [cookbooks, bbq recipes, barbecue cookbook]

free: 28. Jul

BBQ master! 50 exclusive barbecue recipes. Meat, vegetables, marinades, sauces, and lots of other tasty things - all in one! There is an old saying: "Eating is a necessity but cooking is an ART." These words describe the sense of the book. Exclusive recipes, tasty ideas, and unusual combinations will turn your ordinary meal into something special. It is the easiest way to amaze your family and friends with juicy meat, fragrant marinades, and spicy sauces. This book provides detailed techniques of cooking your best BBQ ever. So why do you need this book? If you are tired of boring meat [...]

Alex Balax: Instinct of Man: Relationship, secrets of successful dating with a girl [motivation, self help]

free: 28. Jul

Parenting is for people. It is true that reproduction is crucial to operating for all types of living beings in the world. People have the primal instinct to survive. It is called the basic instinct for all living animals in the world. According to the report of scientists, an instinct of man is the greatest driving force which is responsible for life forms. It has been flourished and multiplied to form complex life. In order to survive in the world, we need water and food, but it is not easy to get. To get enough for our survival, we need to cultivate crops for food. It is called the basic [...]

Lisa Wright: The Adventures of Bertie and Shelly [animals]

free: 28. Jul

Somewhere in this land, a giraffe called Bertie and a baby elephant called Shelly became very good friends. Once they came to the river, flopping down into the muddy water, rolling and splashing about, trumpeting and snorting. Suddenly, a crocodile lurched out of the water and clamped its jaws around the elephant's trunk, pulling the victim into the river. Lucky for Shelly, his friend couldn't bear to let him die. To learn more from happy tails of rescue, read the story. Full-color professional illustrations with funny scenes A good story that will benefit your child Reading that can help [...]

Susan Moure: Easy Sous Vide Cookbook: 50 Modern Recipes for Vacuum-Sealed Cooking at Home (Perfect Ideas of Low Temperature Precision Cooking) [cookbooks, sous vide cooking]

free: 28. Jul to 29. Jul

Cook Sous Vide at home - that's a pipe dream, isn't it? No. Today is a great time to get these thoughts out of your head, because you CAN cook tender and juicy meat, flaky fish, and even super tasty desserts using your own home Sous Vide technique.

Scott Richards: Robert Machin [Horror, Thriller]

free: 28. Jul to 29. Jul

A traditional, short mystery story, with no werewolves, no zombies, no dystopia or post apocalyptic undead. No prequels or sequels, but simply a disturbing tale of twisted revenge. Two men share a common memory. One of them is the twenty-five year old hedonistic, devil may care son of a wealthy business man, living the high life of fast cars, promiscuous sex, and an endless stream of parties. The other is a seventy-five year old, whose frail body is riddled with terminal cancer, and suffering from aggressive Alzheimer's disease. Their lives are linked by the past, but they have one other [...]

Terri Peterson: Musclebound (Secret Desires Book 2) [Erotica, Domination]

free: 28. Jul to 29. Jul

In the highly anticipated sequel to 'Plaything', Phil Bennet's world is crashing down around his ears. He has lost his job and his marriage is on the rocks. His past infidelities are coming back to haunt him with a dark and unexpected twist as he slips deeper into the reams of bondage and submission. Someone wants him to be their muscle bound slave, and will stop at nothing to make sure that it happens.

RJ Belle: Transfer Of Pain: After Suicide, A Journey Of Healing [Suicide Loss, Mental Health]

free: 28. Jul to 29. Jul

If you have lost someone to suicide, you are not alone on your grief journey. This book will provide insight on navigating the grief process and searching for healing. The light shining at the end of the tunnel is this: pain is real but so is hope. This book will also provide guidance for friends and associates who don't know what to say or do to help those grieving such an incomprehensible loss. This is not a "how to" book. This is the raw, honest story of one real woman's loss of a loved one to suicide. It's a story of the grief, guilt, regret, disbelief, and shock that comes with such a [...]

S C Cunningham: The Deal (The Fallen Angel Series Book 1) [Paranormal Romance, Thriller, Angels]

free: 28. Jul to 30. Jul

For those who dare to believe there is something else out there ... At the age of four, Amy was taken She survived.. A week later, another little girl was taken She didn't. Angry that a bad man has gotten away with murder, feisty young Amy Fox makes a deal with God. When she dies, if she's been a good girl, would God let her sit on a cloud for a while, invisible, to get bad people who slip through his fingers? Her deal and God long forgotten, career girl Amy mysteriously dies. Her lifeless body is found beneath a London underground commuter train. She awakens in the afterlife to discover an [...]

Kenny Glover: Live Your Life, Forget the Diet, Find Your Zen [Healthy Lifestyle, Weight Loss Maintenance]

free: 28. Jul to 30. Jul

Is it possible to reach and maintain a goal weight by eating the same foods found in your daily life? Looking for the perfect diet; Find Your Zen instead. Discover where the balance for mind, body, and spirit can be found. Become a part of the natural world. Start up the trail to a Happy, Healthy Life by answering these questions: Figure out why you are eating? What time of day are you hungry? Determine Your Yearly Cycle. What's Your Kryptonite? What's Your Zen? Can I cook restaurant meals in my own Family Cafe? Do you have an Outdoor Space? Are you part of the Natural World? Who is the [...]

Elvis Crews: Trying to Conceive : 48 Reasons Why You are Not Pregnant Yet: Your Biggest Obstacles to Conceiving easily and the Obvious Symptoms You have Been Overlooking. [fertility and conception, tips on conceiving, help getting pregnant]

free: 28. Jul to 30. Jul

A woman's body is a mixture of cells, tissues, lots of hormones, eggs, tubes and absolute magic. What a woman's body can do when trying to conceive is very fasinating, but when it doesn't do what is expected it can be diffucult to know what the problem is. Having trouble conceiving may be the result of current or past health conditions, but often it's simply a case of your body being a little out of sync and not doing what you want it to. A lot of women go through such circumstances so you are certainly not alone though. Statistics show that up to 15% of couples have trouble conceiving or [...]

Adonis Mer: Jihad, ISIS and The Islamic War: The Relentless Pursuit Of The Great Battles That Would Accompany The End Of Days [NON FICTION]

free: 28. Jul to 30. Jul

F w r gniz "ISIS" as a d dl t rr ri t group in thi present era. We ju t their d i bl b h ding , destruction of n i nt ruins in Palmyra, nd ll th th r gr t u f rm f brut lit nd vi l nt xtr mi m. Th ISIS C li h t i n xtr m terrorist gr u which h v rnight n u r d a large territory in S ri and Ir , nd ntinu to r ruit new m mb r from around th world. Th r r m n r n lit tr it that facilitate the b nding b tw n young recruits nd thi r ligi u cause - i n, ruthlessness, int n l id li ti , willingn t rifi ll traditional m r l values, nd r l ntl pursuit of th great battles th t w uld m n th "End of D ", [...]

Harlan J. Hunter: Floor 6R [mystery, time travel, romance]

free: 28. Jul to 30. Jul

Life can be as slippery as brown motor oil on melting ice when making decisions that can change our lives forever. Do you remember any decisions like that? Perhaps it was the day you didn't buckle your seat belt because you were just going down to the corner fast food restaurant. Maybe it was when you replied to a text while you were driving and your eyes danced back and forth from the road to your phone. Did your life change that cold rainy night while you were driving and a fast approaching traffic light turned yellow? You pulled the trigger and punched the gas pedal in your car which made [...]

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