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Book: The Mummy by Renald Iacovelli
Essentially this is a story about changing about realizing one is stuck in a rut and anaesthetized into an unconscious acceptance of routine and adopted expectations, and finding that there is after all more to life than what one has come to expect from it. This reevaluation sometimes occurs when there is the death of a loved one, or a health crisis; in THE MUMMY, it occurs to Harold Ostrich when [...]
Book: Memories, Mummies, México by Ivan C. Browning
Mexico Travel Adventure Novel She's young, feisty, on a mission, and surrounded by carousing people with faces painted like skeletons. Ellen Greer is a freelance journalist whose career is on the way up. Her latest lead takes her to the historic cities of San Miguel and Guanajuato, Mexico. A "memory plant" used by an Indian healer living in a shack in the desert may help people afflicted with [...]
Book: Murder in Volume (Megan Clark Mystery) by D.R. Meredith
The most dangerous happenings at the mystery discussion group, held at Time and Again Bookstore every Tuesday night, are the arguments between the members about the finer points of the mystery genre. History professor Ryan Stevens dozes happily during the loud disagreements. Being a closet reader of Westerns with no knowledge of mysteries beyond Poe and Sherlock Holmes, Ryan is only a member of [...]

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