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Author Alan Hardy

The Case Of The Pinioned Bosoms - Inspector Cullot Mystery Series Book 2
After staying in the Swiss Alps for barely two days, Inspector Cullot knows there are going to be two murders committed at his hotel. He also knows there is only one man who can prevent there being even more That man is Inspector Cullot himself. So begins another Inspector Cullot Mystery Cullot, together with his gorgeous, sexy daughter, Stephanie, his faithful side-kick, Detective Sergeant [...]

The Case Of The Tattooed Buttocks - An Inspector Cullot Mystery
A DETECTIVE/MURDER MYSTERY LIKE NO OTHER Following the murder of a sexy, blonde bombshell (and, soon after, the bloody, gruesome, shocking murder of yet another sexy broad), ex-Inspector Cullot is called in to team up with his old side-kick, Detective Sergeant Watkins, to investigate the baffling crime. Together they set about solving the mysterious deaths at Bounderdales, the opulent mansion of [...]

Through The Gates
MARK TRAVELS BACK IN TIME IN SEARCH OF A BEAUTIFUL, BLACK-HAIRED WOMAN .AND GOLD BULLION .AND THE MYSTERIES OF LIFE A time-travel novel like no other time-travel novel you've ever read! Mark discovers secret upon secret in his mysterious garden, and finds himself slowly but surely drawn back into the days of the Second World War, with its life and death struggle and sense of constant danger and [...]

DEGENERATE FLOOSIES DASTARDLY GERMAN SPIES DIRTY OLD MEN SOPWITH CAMELS AND A VIRGINAL HERO AND HEROINE WHO ARE ENGLAND'S ONLY HOPE . 1918. England faces defeat. Germany looks set to triumph. Only one man and one woman can save England. Wriggles is the Royal Flying Corps' greatest ace. Can he prevent a dastardly German spy ring from getting top-secret information out of France? Is he completely [...]

The country is in the grip of a cruel, Dracula-like King, his ugly, fat Queen and half-witted, degenerate sons. The ordinary people find solace in binge-drinking, vandalising the streets, and salivating over skimpily-attired bimbo celebrities. The country is going to the dogs. Who can save it from collapse into anarchy? Is it the drug-fuelled, sex-mad, perpetually half-naked Mandy? Is it the [...]

You'll love this bawdy, comic account of love and sex during a cricket match, where red balls, long-handled bats and probing deliveries are ideal metaphors for the game of love. This is a game of cricket played in a way you've never seen before. Watch the love contest between Gabriella, the aristocratic hot totty, and Jim, the virginal working-class rebel. Read of Jim's balls smashing against [...]

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