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Books by Edmund A. M. Batara

Author Edmund A. M. Batara

The Accidental Archmage - Book Three - Blood Wars (The Accidental Archmage Series 3)
An epic fantasy on another world. With a modern twist. (EXCERPT BELOW) Continuing our lost mage's epic journey through the magical and extremely dangerous world of Adar. Escaping the convoluted schemes of the Greek pantheon, Tyler finds himself with an old acquaintance, the Incan deity Viracocha. His son, the sun god Inti, is dead. With the Aztecah Empire and its powerful pantheon of deities on [...]

ARCANUM ASTRAY - The Remarkable Adventures of Master Professor Lucius k. Henry, S.M.* - Book One - MAGIC IS DISAPPEARING!
From the Author of The Accidental Archmage Series. An alternate history. Sherlock Holmes with magic. With fantasy, mystery, and humor spicing the mix. Enter a different Earth. Where magic exists and history took a detour. Explore the world with Summus Magister Lucius K. Henry. HIgh Mage and Master Professor. Be with him as he solves magical enigmas, perplexing mysteries, and lethal puzzles which [...]

The Accidental Archmage - Book Two - Gifts of the Greeks (Accidental Archmage Series 2)
REVISED AND EDITED EDITION. JANUARY 2018. An epic fantasy on another world. With a modern twist. Tyler's journey continues. New land, misadventures, friends, foes, skills, and knowledge. Confused encounters of the female kind. More deities become aware of Tyler as he continues his quest to survive, reach his potential, and carry out his burden. The god of wine wants to be his friend. Ares, the [...]

The Accidental Archmage - Book One - Ragnarok Rising (The Accidental Archmage Series 1)
FINAL EDITION. Revised and Edited. January 2018. A better immersive experience. *** An epic fantasy on another world. With a modern twist. What if you fell through a crack in reality? Like those people disappearing in plain sight you have read about. What if you find yourself in a strangely familiar world? A world full of Earth's mythological beings, lost civilizations, and people from its [...]

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