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Books by Nataisha T Hill

Author Nataisha T Hill

Little Cupcake's First Day
The first day of school is fun and exciting for kids! Enjoy this colorful picture book about a happy little girl on her first day of school. Follow her on her journey as she learns, has fun, and doesn't forget about the important things. Parents will enjoy reading this book to their kids and the kids will enjoy reading this book by themselves!

Ebook Supplier for First Time Home Buyer
Buying a New Home is Exciting, but Involves Research... Are you ready to purchase your home, but don't know where to start? Are you confused about interest rates, foreclosures, or mortgage brokers? Help is here. This e-book will guide you in the right direction for purchasing your home, or buying homes to sale.

Hello, Guys, The Baby Has Arrived - A baby Book
Congratulations on Your Bundle of Joy! Here are some tips and helpful information along the way. Discovering that you're pregnant can be a very exciting and scary feeling. You wonder if you're going to be a good parent or if you're able to handle such a responsibility. Luckily, parenting comes natural for most people. Once you are a parent, you discover a whole new world of possibilities and [...]

Partially Broken Never Destroyed 4 - Unholy Matrimony
Part IV of This Riveting Series has Arrived!!! Just when you thought things couldn't get any more twisted! Kayla is making boss moves with her fiance, Bryan as they finally seal the deal by getting married. Everyone is on board and supportive of her achievements, but someone is out to ruin her life. There are bullets flying left and bodies laying to the right. She isn't sure why she's a target, [...]

Unleashing Essential Oils - With Extra Invaluable Beauty Tips
Do you need to grow your hair or clear up acne? Are you looking for a natural way to help eliminate wrinkles and dark marks? Essential oils have healing properties that could improve or eliminate minor and major health conditions. For centuries, essential oils have been used by various cultures and may be the natural cure to skin, hair, and other physical conditions that you have been seeking a [...]

My Diet Your Diet Our Diet - Just When You Think You've Done It All
This Is Not Your Typical Weight Loss Book Losing weight is tough. It seems like everyone around you is losing weight from a diet that didn't work for you or a diet that is out of your budget. I'm going to give you cost effective ways to lose weight and diet routines proven to help you lose weight. This is about never giving up even if you "think" you've tried it all. > > > No Expensive Gym Fees > [...]

Partially Broken Never Destroyed 3
Third Time is the Charm! The thrills and suspense continue to come Kayla and Bryan are trying to find a happy medium in their relationship, but people they once trusted continue to put their business in the streets. With all the snitching going on, the wedding they're planning for may turn into a funeral. ...BRILLIANT READ!!! This novel is certainly not what I was expecting: it was funny and [...]

Experience of Life Vs. Expert Advice - Tai-LorMade Relationship Guide
Do You Wonder If He Is The One? Are You Ready To Take Her To Meet Your Parents? Everyone wants to be the expert or either ask an expert when it comes to dating. We all have theories on what should or should not exist when two people decide to hookup. It's common for lovers to seek advice about cheating, when to leave, or even how to know if their lover is a keeper. To truly get insight on [...]

Partially Broken Never Destroyed 2
THE ROMANCE GETS HOTTER THE SECOND TIME AROUND!!! Kayla has a new job, home, and a sexy new love interest in her life. She has finally started to get everything on track as planned. She is living what she considers a normal life and all of the deception, betrayal, and violence had subsided, or so she thought. It seems as if every time Kayla attempts to close a chapter in her life, someone from [...]

Partially Broken Never Destroyed 1
Are You Ready For a Hot and Steamy Suspense Romance Get ready for a series that will blow your mind! A twisted night leads Kayla into a hot and steamy love affair with the man of her dreams. Her intuition tells her something is wrong about this romantic encounter, but she is captivated by lust. Suddenly, his antics become questionable and her minor concerns turn into an obsession of searching for [...]

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