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Books by Meriam Wilhelm

Author Meriam Wilhelm

Murder By Magic (The Witches Of New Moon Beach Book 6)
Ola Mae Masters is anything but normal. Not everyone, it seems, sees ghosts in graveyards or bumps around inside of other people's brains. As soon as she can, Ola Mae carves out a new home in the seaside town of New Moon Beach only to find that fate has dropped her into a cauldron of mayhem that includes sisters she never knew she had, a witchy history she is reluctant to embrace and a suitor who [...]

Sea Dreams (The Witches Of New Moon Beach Book 5)
Once renowned for his artistic abilities, painter Thor Hudson has become a washed up shell of himself. Hiding out in a self-imposed retirement, Hudson is incapable of finger painting, let alone recreating even one of his famous sea murals. When the artist's publicist prematurely announces Hudson's long awaited return to the art world Hudson is faced with failing publicly or accepting help from a [...]

Sunset Spells (The Witches Of New Moon Beach Book 4)
Join us for the long awaited wedding of Olivia Merriman and Jonathan Maxwell. I'll bet you thought it would never happen - well neither did Olivia! Dealing with her new found super-powers, a demanding Coven, jealous sisters, an on- again, off-again relationship and an evil wizard who just won't go away has put a real damper on Olivia's wedding plans. Leave it to her great-grandmother to stir the [...]

Midnight Madness (The Witches of New Moon Beach Book 3)
As if Olivia Merriman doesn't have enough to do in her beloved town, New Moon Beach, now her grouchy great-grandmother has recruited her to head up their coven of witches. Her sisters are miffed, the coven is pushing her to accept the job, and to top it all off an evil wizard is messing with her love life. What's a witch to do?

Night Flight (The Witches of New Moon Beach Book 2)
To everyone else Olivia Merriman's life in New Moon Beach is nearly perfect. Her beloved home town is filled with friends and family, she owns a successful - slightly haunted sewing and crafting shop and her old flame, Jonathan, is on his way back in her life. But Olivia, a young witch just getting a handle on her spell binding skills knows something isn't right. Not only are her spells all going [...]

Morning Magic (The Witches Of New Moon Beach Book 1)
Olivia Merriman is a young witch with a great deal on her mind and a ton of tightly held secrets. Will she allow a swanky beach hotel to destroy her future or will she use a little misplaced magic to make it all go away? Sprinkle in a rambunctious romance, two witchy sisters, a very talkative cat and a brand new business in one laid back beach city and you've only got a tiny piece of the puzzle [...]

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