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Books by Ann M. Pratley

Author Ann M. Pratley

Total New Beginnings (Total Freedom Series Book 2)
In her early adulthood Debbie made a choice. She had two men who loved her. She chose one. She lost the friendship of the other. Twenty years on, horrific tragedy strikes. Mother to three grown children, she has to find the strength to be there for them, while pushing her own grief aside. Dealing with the loss of the man who has been by her side for two decades pushes her into depression. Every [...]

The Golden Supremacy (The Golden Desires Series Book 2)
What is lying in wait, eager to destroy them? Over distance and time they met and fell in love, choosing to live together in an ancient village of peace and harmony. And then the battle happened. A fight between good and evil; the warmth of fire and the cold of ice. They thought they had won. But had they? Trent and Isabella start to feel that the entity that had tried to destroy them, might not [...]

The Golden Desires
Dreams of destiny across distance and time... When Isabella starts to dream of a stranger, she is awakened inside with feelings she has never felt before. She knows he is not someone she has ever seen before, and he is not of her village. He is a stranger, and she is desperate to determine if he is real or he is a part of her imagination. Far away a businessman desperate to escape the noise and [...]

Darkness of Heart (Painful Deliverance Book 2)
She got away from him to start a new life. She moved on. The problem is that in his mind, he still loves her and needs her. And he still believes that she loves him. That she is meant to be his. That he is meant to be hers. He will not give up searching for her. He will not give up fighting for her. He will pursue her and stop at nothing to get her back. But it will come at a cost a sacrifice [...]

Painful Deliverance (Painful Deliverance Series Book 1)
'He won't find me, he won't find me', Alexis starts to tell herself - and believe - as she finally makes the break she has been planning. He is rich, he is powerful, and he knows how to use systems and people to get what he wants. Her will - and need - to break ties from him and make a new life for herself is strong. She just can't take any more. She has reached her limit of what she can do in [...]

Friendship of Desire (Painful Deliverance Book 3)
Tom and Samantha. Feisty friends from childhood who feel like they know each other inside out, until the day comes when one of them suggests they go to a BDSM club together, and become formal play partners. Pushing the limits of what each of them can individually stand in their lifelong friendship, they attract and repel like magnets, until the time comes when they must choose how they will [...]

After receiving news from her parents of a possible betrothal, Alessandra, an 18 year old with an ingrained belief that no-one would ever wish to marry her, finds herself in a love so great that at times she cannot breathe. To marry someone like herself - someone she can go on a sexual journey of learning and exploration with, who also has no previous experience in such pleasures - contributes to [...]

Cruising Through to Fulfilment
After losing both of her parents and starting to feel alone in the world, Tanya embarks on a holiday to get away and relieve her stress and ever worrying mind. Through her loss she now fully understands that life can be cut short at any moment. She needs to get out and enjoy it while she can. For a small town girl, a visit to Vancouver and an Alaskan cruise on board a luxury liner are a perfect [...]

Total Freedom
Debbie King. At 14 years old she was like other so many other 14 year olds - lacking confidence and maintaining belief that she was a nobody who would never know any happiness in her life. But after she meets someone so much like her, together they discover inner strengths in themselves, and a deep friendship that would be tested over and over again by events and other people coming into their [...]

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