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Books by Jessica Caryn

Cheyenne is determined to keep her family's West Texas ranch. She had resources and help until a land development company asked her to sell. She declined their offer and the problems began. They hired her ex-boyfriend Maximilian to work for them. He sold his father's land and tried to pressure her to sell. Now the resources are limited and help is scarce. She is exhausted and stressed. A storm [...]

Romantic Suspense Sacha Bleu "The Sweetheart ". She survived the pain of the past and conquered most of her fears. She is in love with Pierce Braxton and with his help; she has started to cope with the stresses of life. The sudden illness of Pierce's father will bring an unexpected set of circumstances. Sacha will be forced to confront past history once more. Will she be strong enough? Does love [...]

Rook Dalton left his hometown four years ago when he received the opportunity of a lifetime. He became successful but continued to suffer from a broken heart and extreme guilt over a family tragedy that happened almost fifteen years before. A phone call with news of another family crisis will prompt Rook to return home. He thought about his ex-girlfriend Lydia Sullivan often over the years. Rook [...]

Samantha Clarke thought her life was perfect until her husband asked for a divorce. He wanted her to agree to the unofficial title of his mistress. She was confused and hurt until she found out about his affair with his young assistant. Samantha needed a break from the heartache. She decided to take a cruise to the Bahamas with her best friend Amy. A night in the ship's casino led to him. It felt [...]

Willow was a great mom. She was a good wife. Her husband and son died in a car accident. Willow suffers from guilt and grief from her son's death. A year later she continues to mourn but is determined to start over. She decides her fresh start will be at a cute little rented cottage in Maryland. The drive there was uneventful until a bad storm happens. Her car breaks down on the private road to [...]

Romantic Suspense - Brock Michaels, "The Sinner." He was a street kid turned criminal. He became a husband and father. Brock decided to leave the crime business. An Item call the "Red Russian" was taken. The boss's men came for the item and Brock's family was murdered. Will Brock's sins stay hidden? Will his violent past finally catch up with him? Lena Alexander , "The Artist." She's talented and [...]

Romantic Suspense Sage is a retired jewel thief. She left the criminal lifestyle and her ex Ramsey behind in New Orleans. She moved to Oklahoma and had a nice little cottage in the mountains. Sage finally had the normal life she wanted. It came to an end when her brother called. Billy stole from the wrong people. She came with the money but it wasn't enough. Her ex was there. Sage hadn't seen [...]

This is a Tainted novel but not part of the series.I recommend it be read after the series but can be read with minimal spoilers. ( Introduction of some characters from the Tainted series.)MAKENSIE WESTON- is an architect. Intelligent and shy. She escaped a deadly situation and leaves a bad for her ex behind in Philadelphia. She goes to Miami to on an extended vacation. She meets Mason Maddox and [...]

Romantic Suspense Sacha Bleu is from Louisiana. She left her family's farm after a series of tragic circumstances. Sacha took a bus out of town. The final stop was Miami, Florida. She found a place to stay and struggled to survive in a strange place with no family or financial support. Sacha found work at a local show bar. She was attacked one night after work. Two years later, Sacha is emotional [...]

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