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Books by Pendelton C. Wallace

Author Pendelton C. Wallace

The Chinatown Murders - Catrina Flaherty Mysteries book 3
WARNING: This book contains graphic sexual violence. Not intended for younger readers. Based on a true story. Someone is raping women working at massage parlors in China Town. He selects his victims because they are undocumented aliens. They can't go to the police or they risk deportation. Now he has escalated to murder. Who you gonna call? Cat Flaherty. The Man leads Catrina on a danger-fraught [...]

The Cartel Strikes Back - The Ted Higuera Series, Book 5
Ted, Chris and the gang are dragged back to Mexico as El Poslero, the head of the Baja Cartel, makes a daring escape from Mexico's highest security prison. Ted finally gets up the nerve to propose to Maria. What happens next will take your breath away. Our crew is pitted against the world's most wanted drug lord as the body count soars. As they say on TV, this story was ripped from the headlines. [...]

Murder Strikes Twice - A Catrina Flaherty Mystery, Book 2
When her daughter dies in a tragic accident and the daughter's husband's second wife does the same, what is Eleanor Johnson to think? The police have ruled both cases accidents and closed them, but something doesn't feel right. Is it possible to believe that two tragic deaths are mere coincidence, or was something more sinister at play? Who is Eleanor to call? Cat Flaherty. Murder Strikes Twice, [...]

Bikini Baristas - Ted Higuera Series Book 4
Bikini Baristas is a tale of two scofflaws. Dick Randall is the owner of a chain of bikini barista stands in the Seattle area. Clayton Johnson-White is a teenage kid who thinks he's smarter than the rest of the world. The story begins when Dick's pickup truck is discovered burned-out in the California desert. What happened to him? Did he fake his death to escape his sleazy past or did the past [...]

The Mexican Connection - Ted Higuera Series Book 3
In The Mexican Connection, the third book in the Ted Higuera series, Ted and Chris are lured to Mexico by an old nemesis. They are dragged into Mexico's drug wars and have to confront the corruption of Mexico's law enforcement. When Ted's younger brother disappears in Mexico, Ted and Chris charge to the rescue. They meet a colorful cast of characters as they search from border towns to the [...]

Hacker For Hire (Ted Higuera Series Book 2)
A Hero With A Few Quirks Goofy, off-beat Ted Higuera, son of Mexican immigrants, is a young computer hacker with an attitude. When he is saved from a brutal beating outside of Seattle's premier strip club by a beautiful private investigator, Catrina Flaherty, Ted goes to work for her. Para-legal Chris Hardwick was Ted's college roommate and now is his best friend. Chris' father is the head of one [...]

The Inside Passage (Ted Higuera Series Book 1)
Somewhere on Canada's Inside Passage, terrorists plot to destroy a cruise ship filled with celebrities and VIP's. The Inside Passage could be in today's headlines. Ted Higuera, the son of Mexican immigrants, grew up in East LA. An unlikely football scholarship was his ticket out of the barrio. Chris Hardwick was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The two become college roommates and best [...]

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