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The Second Universe in Flames Trilogy (Books 4 to 6) - The Beginning of the End, Rise of the Ultra Fury & Shadows of Olympus (UiF Space Opera Book 2)
Secrets Revealed. Powers Unlocked. An Alliance is Born. Ten thousand years ago, the Furies nearly exterminated all life in the universe before being defeated by a coalition of worlds led by the Olympians. Or so everyone thought. Now they're back, and a new reign of terror has begun. As a matter of principle, my books are DRM Free

Twilight of the Gods (Universe in Flames Book 8)
New readers: Check out the UiF Trilogy (3 books for only $0.99! sale ends soon) here: Darkness Extinguished the Starlight and the Gods Wept. ___ BOOK SYNOPSIS: Chase tries to convince Thor and the Asgardians to reconsider Kvasir's fate as well as membership in the Earth Alliance. Oryn believes she knows a way to convince the Asgardians to join them in their fight against [...]

The First Universe in Flames Trilogy (Books 1 to 3)
Limited Special Offer. Best Selling Space Opera Trilogy; 3 books (over 1,000 pages) for ONLY $0.99! More than 120,000 books sold in the Universe in Flames series. Join this epic journey today. I am Fury. Evil has followed me to Earth. I shall Protect this World until my Dying Breath. When the Obsidian Empire obliterates the Star Alliance with the help of the Zarlacks, an old evil race long [...]

Armageddon Unleashed (Universe in Flames Book 7)
The desperate battle to reclaim Earth has begun. ___ BOOK SYNOPSIS: With Gaia 2's threat looming over Earth, Captain Chase Athanatos embarks on a perilous mission to take down the evil Artificial Intelligence once and for all. The biggest battle and challenge Chase has ever faced awaits him; one where his strength of character and spirit will be tested at every turn. Can Chase best Gaia 2 on her [...]

Shadows of Olympus (Universe in Flames Book 6)
With the arrival of a powerful new threat in orbit around Earth, the Alliance is forced to vacate Earth space while a small group stays behind to ensure humanity isn't enslaved or worse, wiped out. ___ REVIEWS By Bobbi Amann on December 25, 2016 Reinventing the whole meaning to good sci-fi! I was truly taken by the book! Not have read previous books to understand who all of the characters in the [...]

REWIND 717 - The Adventures of Time Traveler Anti-Terrorist Agent Cole Seeker
What if you only had 717 Minutes to save the World? ___ From the best selling author of the UNIVERSE IN FLAMES saga BOOK DESCRIPTION: The year is 2175. Ex-military Agent Cole Seeker works for REWIND, a Top Secret Government Agency. Thanks to a rare DNA marker in his genetic make-up, he is the only one capable of jumping back a maximum of 717 minutes in time to prevent terrorist attacks and [...]

Rise of the Ultra Fury (Universe in Flames Book 5)
While Sarah is near the term of her pregnancy, Chase is at death's door. ___ REVIEWS By CJ on September 2, 2016 I have read all of this series, and I am loving every book so far! The plot is able to pull in many different types of readers, and for a kindle book, it is edited very well (we've all seen those books that have a typo in every sentence and we all know they hurt). Definitely a great [...]

The Beginning of the End (Universe in Flames Book 4)
Ten thousands years ago, the Furies nearly exterminated all life in the universe before being defeated by a coalition of worlds led by the Olympians. Or so everyone thought... Now they're back and a new reign of terror has begun. With the help of Gaia, Chase trains to increase his powers tenfold in the hope to defeat the Furies once and for all. But will it be enough to stop an unstoppable enemy?

Ryonna's Trials - Novella 1 (Universe in Flames Book 20)
This book is the first Novella in the Universe in Flames saga. It can be read independently from the series or as part of it (timeline info below). "Although Initially I read Ryonna's Trials through my Kindle Unlimited, I decided to buy it anyway... Worth reading. A solid 4.0 out of 5 stars." --Bill Anderson (Top 500 reviewer) --- Ryonna, the Droxian who helped Chase and Sarah in their fight [...]

Destination Oblivion (Universe in Flames Book 3)
Book 3 of the bestseller saga UNIVERSE IN FLAMES ___ REVIEWS by John Reynolds - 5 stars: "Better and better! Read through all 3 books in 3 days! I just hate having to wait for the next one! WRITE FASTER! ___ BOOK DESCRIPTION: Haunted by nightmares about Sarah, Chase leaves the Earth Alliance and discards both Aphroditis and Ares' counsel in his quest for revenge. He falls into a dangerous dark [...]

Fury to the Stars (Universe in Flames Book 2)
"Even better than its predecessor, Fury to the Stars shows an evolution in the writer's style. Epic and full of suspense, a true sci-fi classic in its content, the novel culminates with a jaw dropping ending. This book introduces a lot of new and interesting characters, though my favorite is still Ryonna and it brings to the surface new details about Chase's past and true identity. -Miliana [...]

Earth - Last Sanctuary (Universe in Flames Book 1)
When the evil Obsidian Empire delivers a deathblow against the Star Alliance, fighter pilot Lieutenant Chase Athanatos leads a band of scattered survivors to the farthest reaches of the known universe, to a little planet called Earth. But Earth is in trouble. The Obsidian Empire is hot on their trail, and unless they find a way to stop them, what's left of the Alliance and the entire planet are [...]

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