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Books by Roger E. Bruner

Author Roger E. Bruner

Impractically Yours - A quirky romantic novel
Two unmarried mid-lifers must overcome trust issues, a blood sugar problem, and an ill-timed practical joke to keep their special friendship intact and reveal their mutual love. Ten years after her divorce, forty-year-old Maria is still distrustful of men. As if that's not bad enough, her hypoglycemia turns her into a monster anytime she eats too much simple sugar or fails to eat when she's [...]

The Flowers of His Field (Altered Hearts Book 4)
The Flowers of His Field is the sequel to Rosa No-Name and Overshadowed and the long-awaited conclusion to the mission-themed Altered Hearts series for teens and adults. A mysterious phone call claiming that Rosa del Mundo needs help brings Kim Hartlinger, her father, and Rob White to the tiny Mexican village of Santa Maria, where Kim and Rob served on a mission trip several years earlier. When [...]

Rosa No-Name
Can a young Mexican woman forgive the villagers who rejected her years earlier and help them find a better way to live and to survive? Sixteen-year-old orphan Rosa No-Name has grown up in the remote Mexican village of Santa Maria, where the villagers resentfully meet only her most basic physical needs. Unwilling to offer love or guidance, they not only refuse to answer Rosa's questions about who [...]

More of Yesterday's Blossoms
Roger E. Bruner has been writing seemingly almost since birth. And what a variety of things he's written during his sixty-nine years of life. Although he wants to be known and remembered primarily for his novels--three of them have been published so far--he believes his other writings, most of them written long before he became a novelist, are worthwhile, interesting, and entertaining, each one [...]

The Devil and Pastor Gus
Fifty. Half a century old. Closer to the grave than cradle. And what does Pastor Gus Gospello have to show for his fifty years on earth? Not much. Shepherd of a small church. Married without kids. Faithful keeper of God's commands. Well, most of them, anyway. Gus longs to make a difference for God to have an eternal legacy. Now, as he comes to grips with his mid-life crisis, Gus acknowledges [...]

Yesterday's Blossoms - A collection of some of Roger Bruner's previous writings
Although Roger E. Bruner is a novelist now, he's written a variety of other works--both fiction and non-fiction--over the years. This collection contains poetry, a dramatic monologue, several short plays, a short story, and a moving essay about the death of a baby. He is especially pleased to share with readers the short story that led to the novel, Found in Translation, and the play his novel [...]

Lost in Dreams (Altered Hearts Book 2)
Join eighteen-year-old Kim Hartlinger, as she arrives home from a life-changing mission trip to a remote Mexican village. This second novel in a new series for teen girls will challenge your faith and capture your heart as you journey with Kim through the biggest struggle of her life and faith.

Found in Translation (Altered Hearts Book 1)
When Kim Hartlinger eighteen and spoiled arrives on a mission trip to Mexico and discovers, to her chagrin, that she'll be doing construction in a remote village without plumbing and electricity, rather than evangelism in a medium-sized town with a fast food joint . . she has only two choices. "Rough it" (which isn't exactly what Kim had in mind when she signed up for this trip) or turn around [...]

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