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     Book: Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Clone Wars Vol. 1 (Epic Collection: Star Wars Legends: The Clone Wars)

Authors: John Ostrander, Haden Blackman, Scott Allie
Publisher: Marvel
Brand: Marvel Comics

The Republic is rocked by war! As the galaxy descends into conflict, Separatists target the Republic's crucial cloning facility - and only a squadron of Starfighters and a battalion of Jedi-led clone troopers stand in the way! Meanwhile, Naboo, home of Padmé Amidala, is the next Separatist target! [...]

     Book: Star Wars Omnibus: Clone Wars Volume 1 - The Republic Goes to War

Artist: Jan Duursema, Brian Ching, Tomas Giorello
Authors: John Ostrander, Haden Blackman, Scott Allie
Publisher: Dark Horse
Brand: Dark Horse Comics

These are the stories that were published immediately after the release of Attack of the Clones, featuring Jedi heroes Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Mace Windu, and Quinlan Vos, now collected in this 400-page value package! The Clone Wars explode across the galaxy! From the stormy seas of [...]

     Book: Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair

Author: Pablo Neruda
Publisher: Chronicle Books

Unequalled in their grace, earthiness, and expression of sensual longing, the love poems of Pablo Neruda are perhaps the most lyrically written and widely read of this century. A perennial best-seller since it was published in Chile nearly 70?years ago, Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair is [...]

     Book: The Breast Cancer Cookbook: Over 100 Easy Recipes to Nourish and Boost Health During and After Treatment

Author: Mohammed Keshtgar
Publisher: Quadrille Publishing

Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women during their lifetimes. Research has shown that adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle can reduce the risk of getting the disease and improve the survival of patients who have been diagnosed. Mo Keshtgar discusses the risk factors and foods that can play a [...]

     Book: The House That Crack Built

Author: Clark Taylor
Publisher: Chronicle Books

With a beat reminiscent of hip hop or rap music, a well known nursery rhyme is brilliantly transformed into a powerful poem about the tragic problem of illegal drugs and its victims. From the harvesting of the coca plants to dealers and gangs to the innocent crack babies born everyday, cocaine's [...]

     Book: The African American Experience: Psychoanalytic Perspectives

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

The African American Experience: Psychoanalytic Perspectives edited by Salman Akhtar brings together the contributions of distinguished mental health professionals and scholars of humanities to offer a multifaceted perspective on the transgenerational trauma of slavery, the hardship of single [...]

     Book: African History: From Earliest Times to Independence

Authors: Philip Curtin, Steven Feierman, Leonard Thompson
Publisher: Pearson

Long established as a standard work, this famous survey explores the history of Africa from earliest times to the end of the colonial period. It is exceptional in its breadth (it provides systematic coverage of the entire continent, including the North), in its range (it establishes a clear [...]

     Book: Our FAScinating Journey: Keys to Brain Potential Along the Path of Prenatal Brain Injury

Author: Jodee Kulp
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Brand: Brand: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Our FAScinating Journey will introduce readers to another winding path in working with prenatally exposed children. Jodee illuminates this path with lights that shine the hope of possibilities for these special kids. On your journey through these pages you will: • Discover creative approaches in [...]

     Book: The Charlton Arrow #6 (Volume 1)

Authors: Paul Kupperberg, Roger McKenzie, Michael Jan Friedman
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

When Charlton closed shop, they sold off most of their properties, with many left to languish in limbo. If anything, appreciation of their comics has grown over the years, with fan publications dedicated to their memory. THE CHARLTON ARROW is the fruits of those labors and we hope it properly [...]

     Book: Rooted Woman of Valor

Author: Jan C Thompson
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Rooted Woman of Valor unfolds the truths embodied in the 3,000 year old masterpiece from the biblical book of Proverbs. "A woman of valor, an excellent wife, who can find?" (Proverbs 31:10). Like a flourishing tree, the brilliant fruit of this woman's character is revealed in her actions and [...]

     Book: All Out of Faith: Southern Women on Spirituality (Fire Ant Books)

Publisher: Fire Ant Books
Brand: Brand: Fire Ant Books

   H. L. Mencken first identified the South as the "Bible Belt" in the 1920s. To be sure, religion shapes and defines even those Southerners who don't think of themselves as particularly religious. Practically no one who grows up Southern can escape being shaped, stimulated, harmed, or informed [...]

     Book: Words to Go: Words to Know Book F

Authors: Jan Gleiter, Paul Thompson
Publisher: Perfection Learning
Brand: Brand: Perfection Learning (Sd)

Book by Jan Gleiter, Paul Thompson

     Book: Justification by Faith: The Implications of Romans 3:27-31 (Zacchaeus Studies : New Testament)

Authors: Jan Lambrecht, Richard W. Thompson
Publisher: Michael Glazier
Brand: Brand: Michael Glazier

Book by Lambrecht, Jan, Thompson, Richard W.

     Book: Humor Through Hell: A Cartoon Record of an American POW's Experience in WWII Prison Camps

Author: Robert Ehrhart
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

A cartoon record of an American POW's experience in WWII prison camps. Former POW Private First Class "Bob Ehrhart has given us a collection of memories in the form of cartoons . . ." foreward by Loretta Swit

     Book: Annie Oakley (First Biographies)

Authors: Jan Gleiter, Kathleen Thompson
Publisher: Heinemann/Raintree
Brand: Brand: Heinemann Library

A biography of the frontier woman who was famous for her skills as a sharpshooter which she demonstrated in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and other shows of the time

     Book: Losing Control: Loving a Black Child with Bipolar Disorder

Authors: Cassandra Joubert, Linda Thompson Adams, Jan Hutchinson
Publisher: Advantage Media Group
Brand: Brand: Advantage Media Group

A true story, Losing Control chronicles an African-American mother's struggle with her daughter's mental illness, which after more than a decade of help-seeking, heartache and confusion, is finally determined to be bipolar disorder. Her difficulties in managing symptoms of her child's illness, the [...]

     Book: Princess Anastasia

Author: Jan Carr
Publisher: Harpercollins Childrens Books

Highlighted by artwork from the new animated film, this action-packed story based on the legend of the lost Romanov princess follows a young orphan with no memory of her true identity as she searches for the secrets of her past. Movie Tie-in.

     Book: Kit Carson (First Biographies)

Authors: Jan Gleiter, Kathleen Thompson
Publisher: Steck-Vaughn Company
Brand: Brand: Steck-Vaughn Company

A biography of the legendary American trapper, scout, and Indian agent.

     Book: The People's Victory

Authors: Marriage Equality USA, Christine Allen, Fred Anguera
Publisher: Marriage Equality USA

     Book: Star Wars Republic #50 The Defense of Kamino (A 64 Page Clone Wars Epic)

Authors: John Ostrander, Haden Blackman, Scott Allie
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics & Lucas Books

Star Wars Republic issue #50. The Defense of Kamino. 64 Amazing pages. A Clone Wars comic. Includes 3 Great stories in one: Brother in Arms, Jango's Legacy and No End in Sight. Dark Horse Comics and Lucas Books 2003.



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